[INFO] 170504 Sergeant Changmin to Perform with his Unit at the 2017 U-Clean Culture Concert on 5/27

The Seoul Police promotion unit to be at the 2017 U-Clean Youth Concert on May the 27th. It will be held from 13:00~17:00 at Yeouido Multi-Plaza (event venue).

Performers: Pristin, Snuper, Mad Clown, Yesung (Super Junior), Police promotion Unit, Youth concert team


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[Compilation] 170504 Kim Youngmin Mentioned SMTown Concerts in Japan on July 27th and 28th in a Livestream with Moon Jaein, a Presidential Candidate

Apparently, beside the SMTown Seoul announced on the 8th , there seems to be an SMTown Japan in July the 27th and 28th. This is not exactly an official news announcement, but it was heard from SM CEO Kim Youngmin as he was talking with Moon Jaein, a leading presidential candidate, via a livestream.

If it is confirmed, then it means we will possibly see Yunho representing Tohoshinki there. |EDIT: However, it should be noted that nothing has been officially stated yet regarding the artists participating. |



Kim Youngmin: for our SMTown, it’s concerts in Japan on July 27th and 28th where all the singers will appear.


[cr: video by @dog_ear_TT, Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2]


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