[VID] 170516 Changmin among the Celebrities JP Comedians MIKI Tried to Impersonate for their Gag

On the Japanese show Monomane Grand Prix (ものまねグランプリ), comedians brothers MIKI had a gag where they imitated different celebrities and they seemed to try to imitate Changmin singing


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[Compilation] 170516 Sergeant Changmin Performing with SMPA Promotions Unit at Maru Park (Part.2)

The police promotion concert today was at the Suseo Police together with Local Residents Sharing Concert at Maru Park [cr: via @snxy]. They performed TVXQ’s Balloons, then a dance medley of Mirotic and the way you are, also Super Junior’s Devil and Sorry Sorry’s medley and H.O.T’s Happiness.

He looked super cute and playful > w <!!




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