[Twitter] 170508 Toho Dancer KSK-san Thinks The Duo’s Love in the Ice is the Best~

It seems like ksk-san took a great liking to our duo’s stage of Love in the Ice, and who wouldn’t! We can’t wait to have them back on stage singing together~



The two’s “love Continue reading

[INFO] 170508 Dice Superstar with SMTOWN, a New Game as Collaboration with Polygon Games


In collaboration with Polygon Games, SM’s new dice board game called Dice Superstar with SMTown (Dice Superstar). Service to begin formally in one to two months’ time. IT is based on the concept of a real-time board game where users can create their own entertainment companies and hold world tours with SMTown stars. Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170506 On Meeting Changmin at the Apple Store in the Konkuk University Star City Mall



Hello, I work at the Apple store in the Konkuk University Star City mall. Today {t/n: posted on 5/6} Choikang Changmin came to our store and bought earphones, can I write such things here? If it is inappropriate, I will delete it straightaway! It isn’t just today that he came, he also came on March the 18th and bought iPhone7 earphones. Continue reading