[Fancam/Fanacc] 170708 U-Know Yunho’s Performance for SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Seoul (Part.3)

Yunho’s first stage in two years today in the SMTOWN VI concert in SEOUL at Seoul World Cup Stadium/Sangam Stadium!

Concert started on 06:oo PM KST, with a total of 52 performances.

Yunho’s songs list:

43. VCR + Drop (new song)
44. TVXQ Medley (Mirotic + Why + Somebody to Love)
Then with all artists, he appeared at:
52. Light by H.O.T.

Our boy gave it his all, owning the stage and getting fans and non-fans both showering him with praises! You can also hear the stadium singing along with him with Mirotic and Why~

welcome back Yunho ㅠ ㅠ!!

For Yunho’s Drop intro VCR, it was filmed by Kwon Soonwook (BoA’s brother). He said on his twitter he was really happy to see him after so long^^ [cr: Kwon Soonwook’s twitter (@Metaoloz), Translated by @snxy]


[cr: @UM_206218]





TVXQ Medley (Mirotic + Why + Somebody to Love)



[cr: ultratvxq| @UltraTVXQ]





TVXQ Medley

[cr: tvxqhimawari@tvxqhimawari26]



TVXQ Medley



[cr: murasakiline@murasakiline]





TVXQ Medley


[cr: sn xy|  @snxy]]



Talk + TVXQ Medley




[cr: a0206y]



[cr: brown 26]



TVXQ Medley

[cr: Rock Music]


TVXQ Medley


[cr: 비몽]


[cr: 장장효재]


[cr: Love휘성♡]


TVXQ Medley


[cr: Mỹ Loan]



At the end before leaving, Yunho waving to fans, those in the Cassiopeia fanzone~ hugging his juniors, bowing and kept turning back ;;

[cr: @0206yhken via @snxy]



Fanaccount and Translations by @snxy :

  • my personal fanaccount of smtown seoul 17/7/8 ㅎㅅㅎ- the return of the king

    First up, I was REALLY EXCITED for Yunho’s first comeback stage – as if I have not been hyping it up enough (!!!) – I had my first (and last ㅠㅠ) meal of the day, and made my way to the stadium for the many giveaways. Kudos to @2for1t, @onlytworld, @red_etoile, @tvxq_VerTgo & @forev2618 for organising, preparing and doing all these so that fans could celebrate this awesome day.

    My seat was on the ground in the D4 area (smack in the middle) and out in the open. I was praying it wouldn’t rain but I had two raincoats (1for me, 1 for my bags) if needed. 👍🏻 also, I was the only TVXQ fan in my row, there was another TVXQ fan behind me but I was too shy to talk to her haha. ANYWAY. so I could see red lightsticks, people dressed in red, bits of Cassiopeia / Bigeast merchandise in the crowd and of course, our lovely Red Ocean near the top. It was weird, I would actually turn around and look towards them as though for reassurance(?!) before like cheering or anything. 🤣 but like most fanaccounts said, we (on the ground) were really hidden. I remember talking with my fellow fan friend and lamenting that we were by ourselves in our respective areas. (SO WRONG THERE!)

    Anyway, the stage started promptly at 6pm. There was a band with singer Lee Dong Woo, then an NCT? (member appeared to duet with Sunday) and crowd (except me) went cray. Actually, the funny thing is you could tell who the TVXQ fans were – the ones who remained seated like 2/3 of the time 😂 skipping ahead~~~ oh and the Seulgi x Irene collaboration? 🔥🔥🔥 Seulgi though. But this part really reminded me of Something era when the boys were going on music shows and we would be waiting until it got to their turn. The cheers from the EXO-L and Shawols were daebak. But when Baekhyun decided to get on a trolley and STOP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, all hell broke loose. Like fans were ignoring security, crowding around the trolley, standing on chairs, trying to stand on me!!! I used the Cassiopeia star light to poke one of them when she actually tried to climb onto my lap like exCUSE YOU. 💀

    1st spotting of Yunho in the VCR: SCREAMS. i was recording it because you never know right – then I saw it, literally BLINKED AND I MISSED IT WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU EYE / BRAIN COORDINATION?! /cries/ but he was soooo good-looking. Reminded me of T1ST0RY VCR when he’s in the futuristic space agey costume and magicks up a rose for Cassiopeia. But WHY ONLY 3 SECONDS ROAR

    BoA – Queen. Words not needed. Loved, loved her stage. Female Korean Michael Jackson for sure. And when she mentioned Yunho and her as SM’s artistes who brought the most rain – SCREAMS. I screamed so loud, like as though my body was on auto-reflex for any mention of Yunho that the poor EXO-L and Shawol next to me both jumped. 🤣 미안 THANK YOU QUEEN FOR WAKING CASSIOPEIA UP!

    My data was really bad so I couldn’t tweet much which meant I was busy moisturising my hands (I has v dry hands), sipping Gatorade, checking my lightsticks… and then! Security had given up by the most of the EXO/NCT stage so fans were crowding around the front. I told myself I didn’t fight a ticket war and pay 110,000₩ just so I could be blocked by people during Yunho’s stage, so I went to test waters and walked to the front. Being unnie, I told the Shawol next to me to please take care of my stuff. She said ok. So nice, right? 🤣 and then?!! Just before Yunho’s stage, the security decided LIKE DECIDED THERE AND THEN TO DO THEIR JOB and started yelling and pulling at people. I knew I could not let them win. Thus began… the Hunger Games SMTOWN SEOUL VERSION.

    Yunho’s stage!!!! Red lights galore!! We were ONE RED OCEAN~! The VCR showed the inside of like a stone chapel or something with candles, a smoky, reddish dim atmosphere and a hooded Jedi Knight-like person sitting on a throne. He was holding an hourglass. Other Jedi Knights were coming in and they gathered around and then started kneeling. Then they raised their hands like \o/ and the hooded figure raised his hood and IT WAS JUNG U-KNOW YUNHO AND SISBSAHVZGAAHSVAUB!!! Even some non-fans near me were screaming.

    I lost my voice because I was screaming so much. Both at nothing, and at Yunho. And my legs were aching because I was dodging security, trying to follow Yunho the Energizer bunny around the stage, trying to avoid security/other fans with bigass cameras etc.

    Yunho looks sooooo good. I mean this is an understatement. That 15 kg he lost (definitely he was working towards this new look), his face is sharp, his features are shining, his stage presence 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I mean DROP. Drop’s opening was like A NEW NATION IS BORN… THIS IS THE KING’S STAGE. Like \o/ TAKE ME MY LORD, IM YOURS \o/ I mean seriously EARGASM. I loved the dubstep, the edm sound, the slight rock metal beat. SM YOU BETTER RELEASE THIS FROM THE DUNGEON OR ELSE. I mean the LEVEL OF CHOREOGRAPHY AND THE SONG. People were literally watching the stage like 😳 😱😳😱😳😳 but I was a mixture of 😳💀😫😍💀 after that, a friend told me that even as a non-fan, she was totally mesmerised when usually she would not have cared if it was not her group.

    We didn’t even know Yunho’s pants had split because from where we are on the ground, we’re sort of lower down and the cameramen probably had already started focusing on him from the waist up. It was only when he casually in a like yo, what’s up style, said that his pants had split cos he’d been dancing so hard that we grabbed our cameras / (me, my iphone) and rewound our footage and I was like OPPA LOL. But seriously. You. Couldn’t. Tell. A. Thing. Was. Off. And by then everyone was in a post-Drop daze. Like people were just whispering about Yunho oppa and TVXQ. We started chanting Jung Yunho! and the rest of the venue joined in<

    Then he came back and did his ment- OH SO HANDSOME. how do I quit you?! – talked about how nervous he was (LIES OK YOU WERE BRILLIANT); how Changmin ♥️ had contacted him and wished him well and to show all he had; but really I almost cried when at the start he said his famous U-Know words: 1,2,3 hello, this is TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. ㅠㅠ bb, changminnie’s not there, you don’t have to countdown ㅠㅠㅠ and then IS EVERYONE ENJOYING THEMSELVES? The people in the 2nd, 3rd floors..? (Typical Yunho line at every TVXQ/Tohoshinki concert ㅠㅠ)

    TVXQ medley: who doesn’t know this? Someone said she didn’t recognise Mirotic (Generation Z or like Z-1??) but she could do the fanchant 🤣🤣🤣 it was like a repeat of his army concerts when he would do the tvxq medley with his dancers😫 can’t believe it’s been 3 months since his discharge. WHY. The! Whole! Sangam! United! For! This! All fandoms everyone witn their lightsticks– KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWNNNNN — only TVXQ ladies and some gentlemen. 😎👍🏻 the JUNG YUNHO JUNG YUNHO CHANt 🔥🔥🔥🔥 SOMEBODY TO LOVE! This energizer honey funny bunny!!!! I could not keep up and I wasn’t the one who just performed like a crazily difficult stage + intense medley. 💀 if you see my lousy fancams, most of the time my hand is trembling, i am screaming, i’m being chased/scolded or I’m chasing/looking for the manchild Yunho. OTL.

    Ending: this Person. I wondered if he was a bit awkward without Changmin around but SJ/SHINee and the EXO/NCT boys promptly gathered around him. I was glad to see Tiffany too and she had a sidehug with him. It seemed he blew a kiss to where Cassiopeia was 😘😘 and he was bowing to people, waving and saying thank you. I think he was really happy and proud of himself and we were so so proud and happy 😫😫😫😫

    It was CRAZY. we waited 3 hours+ for Yunho but the 15 mins we saw him MADE IT WORTH IT. The heat, the muggy rain? The lack of food, water? The screaming? ALL WORTH IT. I would do it again in a DROP.

    MONSTER Yunho is BACK! Can’t wait for Changmin to return and for TVXQ to be complete ♥️

  • honestly we on the ground @ the concert only knew yunho split his pants when he mentioned it. we had no idea that was how gd his stage was
  • Today I got to know for the first time, that U-Know Yunho is that good-looking and a god-idol. Thank you SMTown concert [cr: @BoOdOong0525]
  • U-Know Yunho is really like a king / emperor [cr: @1485_MINNN]
  • on yunho’s stage // makes me so proud to be his fan ;;;

    [cr: @sooyoung_world8]
  • Seriously, all the testimonies from the non-fans and even muggles. Yunho really killed it yesterday. The return of the king!!
  • Whoa, really when Yunho was in uniform and dancing with his backdancers like in the military (mil feel), his charisma is awesome, real [cr: @changha0424]
  • When exo called for lee sooman to appear, he didn’t (during their ment) but when yunho called for him, he came out ㅋㅋㅋ [cr: @pongya_wai]
  • Ah that’s right, yest when Yunho was performing KYHD <- that part, really the fans were all raising and lowering their fanlights altogether It was so cool and pretty. [cr: @e_chen_unha]
  • I thought, What wld Yunho do by himself? Now i am self-reflectingㅠ c sorry for not knowing. I temporarily forgot tt there was such a cool person. [cr: @xxooLOVEooxx]
  • That’s right. Because U-Know Yunho appeared, suddenly the ground area was lit up wah… awesome [cr: @Key_syx]
  • Not heard clearly but before Yunho’s Drop stage started, the words heard were like “A New Nation Has Begun. This is.. King’s Stage”. So cool [cr: @coscosy]
  • Fan counted the # of dancers for Drop. 31 of them, seems all of SM’s dancers gathered for this. With Yunho, 32. & he was king of thatㅠㅠ [cr: @sososysys]
  • Yunho did a flying kiss in the direction of Cassiopeia 프ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅍㅍ warmly hugged his juniors and kept turning back until the end ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [cr: @murasakiline]
  • Yest Yunho & Cassiopeia were rly awesome. The red lights that weren’t seen before suddenly wah.. ㄷㄷ (shivering) kind of feeling.  but dominated e stage ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ huk kind of sound came out (from OP) ㅋㅋ during the medley, our kids (shawol) were the nxt most excited [cr: @shineeneonunluv]
  • Yest not incl our kids’ stage (shinee), the most memorable was u-know yunho’sㅜㅜ his costume was rly like an emperor’s, he was cool & he rly dominated the stage. during keep your head down~ i tot i was e only one lowering my lightstick but it was funny cos everyone else was! [cr: @dyoh22]
  • Yunho cute fanaccount of her smtown tvxq experience ;;

    [cr: @dnwhr]
  • I can’t get over e impact. seen many idol stages but today was e first proper stage.. Yunho is rly awesome. nvr knew til nw. wna go to a con [cr: @success93718]
  • Whoa 1st time I’ve attended a smtown concert, u-know yunho’s stage was really mesmerising.. really when’ll there be another such idol in Kr? [cr: @success93718]
  • However wasn’t Cassiopeia rly awesome today? They were rly hidden & at Yunho’s stage,e grd seats all lit up, i had goosebumps when i saw it [cr: @yadonge0805]
  • The thing is Bigeast & Cassiopeia are used to having to save their lightsticks by keeping it off as TVXQ’s stage is usually at the end. ㅋㅋ So imagine a 3-4 hour long concert? We can’t keep them on the whole time. Some fans bring spare lightsticks or batteries but hassle. ㅋ
  • yest tbh i didnt realise tt smt had gone beyond 4hrs as it was so fun..(all e idols)’ stage manners were so gd & pro. Yunho was simply idols’ god + forefather. how he managed to fill the stage though he was alone.. Everything was perfect [cr: @nananoharu]
  • Can’t believe tt Yunho has been discharged frm e army. His face, body was perfecg, a stage that was just mesmerising. Even alone, he had so much presence. He even did the TVXQ medley so well by hinself.. how did he, really [cr: @chaa_konne ]
  • Today at the sm con, excluding exo, if i have to choose the coolest person, it wld be w/o hesitation, jung yunho. it’s a coolness that cannot be explained. Really cool. The stage was also awesome. [cr: @Myeon_Star ]
  • op (other grp’s fan)’s fancam of yunho. she called him an emperor-nim and said he was the world’s ultimate. ㅋㅋ

  • Today when I saw Yunho’s stage and news, I had one thought, ah this person is still as hardworking as ever.. exactly the same as the appearance I saw when I was young.. the thought of ‘it is so like Yunho’ is somewhat moving.. oppa is truly cool [cr: @Kaya_080525]
  • The only idol that asked fans to applaud for staff ;; his personality bbb

  • Cassiopeia was lethargic until Yunho’s turn and the ground area turned red and the fans on the 3rd floor came alive. Really awesome [cr: @boralmaster]
  • non-fan’s opinion on #yunho ;; good way to end the night~

    [cr: @oh__neul]






As indicated above,
please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
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