[Trans] Unofficial Lyrics of Yunho’s “Drop” from Performance at SMTown Live in Seoul (170708) (Part.2)

Since his live performance at last SMTown, fans attempted to write down the lyrics of Yunho’s “Drop” by ear. We are sharing translations of some of the different transcriptions in the previous post and this one. These are purely fans’ efforts, as the official lyrics are yet to be revealed.

To listen to the song, you can check some of the fancams we have posted in the previous days.


Yunho – Drop Lyrics (Not Official)

Transcript by @yjangpiT1231 and translated by @janieTVXQ .
{t/n: I added some parts that I could hear but she couldn’t. Lyrics not official.}


A new nation has begun.
This is King’s speech.

For me, who can’t see an inch into the future,
Is it right for me hold the belief that I can change it all?
I need to know, the future behind the curtain
For the war, it’s unstable but clear
The reality that is faced at the end of this tornado
I believe that I’ve finished preparing for the consequences long ago
It isn’t fair, going nowhere
The courage to face fear starts right here

Only those abnormal ones of second class who have no knowledge are left
The past was all wrong and right now is what is normal
Drop it low
Because we don’t know the future yet, not yet
3, 2, 1
Losing the passionate way of life, all we got was arid land
Will bravery come to you if you close your eyes at the depravity?
As you can see, as you can expect
We will tear it all down and from the ground up
We will be the ones to build it back up from the foundation

We’re going down

I’m no longer looking for a miracle
Or things written on the dust, an oracle
With just a small sigh, it’s all destroyed
it already falls, the faith shakes
‘Justice’ is a word that I’ve seen only in books

Dance to the offbeat I’m writing
When will I find the truth that was thrown away again?
I can’t explain how I’m feeling now
It feels like I’m floating in midair with no gravity
If the barren future is the ideal, break it all and start again

**If you’re dreaming of redemption
If you’ve put on a mask of kindness and is looking for opportunity
Now just drop it low
Please just drop it low
Now just drop it low
Please just drop it low
In the end, the clock that stopped ticking is going again
Just you wait, the new world I’ll be creating
Now just drop it low
Please just drop it low
Now just drop it low
Please just drop it low

Don’t ignore it anymore, now it’s critical
Because it becomes a poisonous indulgence*
Even the arid land that was made such by neglect
Even the reality in which there’s not a single shade for me to rest in
I walk in, fly this feeling
I should have had the regret at the time
Open the closed door and find your place like the flowing river


Although it’s a more painful reality, if we go over this mountain now
We will reach it, the ocean that everyone can be happy for
3, 2, 1
3, 2, 1
It’s time, we can dance, this motion
It’s not controlled, don’t stop the road that leads to the future
If we miss this opportunity now, it will be too hard to handle it
The first beat that changes the future is my energy


*[T/N]: indulgence: word used in the context of the Catholic church;
“a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins”




Transcript by @yjangpiT1231,
Translated by @janieTVXQ {t/n: I added some parts that I could hear but she couldn’t. Lyrics not official.},
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express
please note that the source does not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.


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