[Fancam/Fanacc] 170715 Yunho for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI IN JAPAN at Kyocera Dome Day 1 (Part.2)

Yunho performed for the first time since enlistment at Japan! Despite SM’s restriction in fans only using the provided remotely-controlled wrist lights, Bigeasts welcomed Yunho with a spectacular red ocean (using the red pen lights they brought in)! The controlled wrist lights were made to form “TVXQ” during his stage ^^*

He performed similar set list as Seoul’s except for an extra song (We Are!) and singing Somebody to Love in Japanese.

Yunho’s songs list:

VCR + Drop (new song)
TVXQ Medley (Mirotic + Why) (Korean versions)
We are!
Somebody to Love (Japanese version)

Then the ending with all artists.


[cr: @moteco26]





[cr: @peamo228 |miho316203]


We are!



[cr: @hfocus0206: here]



[cr: @moteco26: 1 and 2]







Translated by @beriko0214:

  • After “Drop” YH shouted OSAKA!! and looked at audiences. He looked still very tense. He said emotionally, “Did you want to see me?” “I prepared for a special stage today.” He performed We are ! [cr: @coscosy]
  • YH asked to fans of other artists, “If I say We are, you say T back to me!!” [cr: @bigeast1ooochan]
  • YH “CM will come back very soon! Please look forward to it!” Bigeasts “Yeah!!!” [cr: @QSxn7ql4oxBODyU]
  • Before exiting from the stage, YH said, “Thank you!” to audiences many times.. YH also said, “Thank you for those on the upper deck seats.” and he gave them thumbs up. [cr: @yun_my_treasure]
  • YH: “CM will come.. he will make a complete comeback really soon. so please look forward to it.” When YH said this, YH had a pause after he said Changmin.. and was all smiles and you can tell he was really happy to tell us about this😢 [cr: @raccowa]
  •  YH looked really tense while MC but when he spoke Changmin’s name he smiled😭 [cr: @mayamin26]
  • I saw Ame-san (TVXQ’s JPN SP) guarding YH at KIX in a fancam. and I just read that staffs (KOR+JPN) were waving at YH when he was on trolley.





As indicated above,
please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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