[Trans] 170717 Taemin Looks up to Yunho for his Japanese MC Skills, as he Revealed on JP Radio FM OH!’s “Marché Coucou”

It seems that Taemin mentioned Yunho’s impressive MC skills from SMTown Osaka on the Japanese radio show “Marché Coucou” from FM OH!. Below are translations of fans report of his talk, but we have also included the original audio ^^


  • Taemin appeared on Jpn radio and said Yunho’s way of working up the crowd and MC was great, he wanted to be like that too [cr: @u_know_love via @iruka0206]
  • Taemin on Jpn radio said he was happy to see Yunho after a long time and he wanted to imitate his way of working the crowd [cr: @anywhere4you]
  • Taemin: Tho U-Know Yunho’s stage was his first in a long while, it was really excellent. How he worked up the crowd, how he did his MC in a relaxed manner. I thought that I would like to be like that someday! ww [cr: @scof___]





Fanreports as indicated above,
Translations by @snxy: 1, 2 and 3,
Audio by @taemin718s: here,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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