[PIC] 170723 Yunho and Changmin in Donghae’s Photos of Enlistment as Revealed at D&E “Hello Again” Fanmeeting

These photos from Donghae were revealed at his and Eunhyuk’s: D&E “Hello Again” Fanmeeting today.

For the photos with Yunho, we are thinking this is possibly from the same day he went to Changmin’s favourite bakery and visited him as reported on March (on same day he was at a friend party wearing same outfit), and you can see below Changmin was wearing police winter jacket. There is also the possibility that this is a different visit in April), because Yunho was wearing same outfit on that break too haha~

| EDIT: Donghae talked about it and it seems it is from the bakery visit on March indeed ^^|

Either way, it would be wonderful if more photos of them together during enlistment were revealed on TVXQ’s own fanmeetings in the future ^^*



[cr: @Iidonghais]


Changmin shovelling snow with his member units~


[cr: _海海海海海宝贝 : here]



[cr: KissRyeoWook: here]





As we indicated in the post,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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