[Fancam/Fanacc] 170728 Yunho for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI IN JAPAN at Tokyo Dome Day 2

2nd and last day at Tokyo Dome, taking over the place with his charm as always! Yunho also said to anticipate news on official website near Changmin’s discharge ㅠㅠ!!!


Yunho’s songs list:

VCR + Drop (new song)
TVXQ Medley (Mirotic + Why) (Korean versions)
We are!
Somebody to Love (Japanese version)

[cr: @moteco26]




Yunho’s MC:


[cr: miho316203 | @peamo228]


  • Ending


[cr: @KuuManato: 123, and 4]


  • Hope

[cr: @W_crown26218: here]


  • Drop (Red Ocean)

“The strongest fandom ever #SMTOWNinTokyo #ユンホ #bigeast”

  • Somebody to Love


[cr: Non-fanaccount and video by @taemeann: here and here]




Fanaccount and Photos by @snxy:

  • ㅋㅋㅋ group of jpn tohoshinki fanboys (high school?) in bigeast shirts spotted
  • lol my bigeast friend is waving her lightband at energy level 2 and seated. She says when Yunho comes out, it’s standing + level 26.
  • Cheers for Yunho’s 3 seconds in the vcr: Tokyo Dome = Tohoshinki’s kingdom 👊🏻
  • The Exo fans beside me were going 갓유노 대박 “god u-know, awesome” YASS YUNHO
  • Yunho said watch the Tohoshinki website for updates once Changmin is discharged !!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Yunho said HELLO I AM Tohoshinki’s Yunho then he said i’m EVERYONE’s YUNHO~ Cos others had a cute intro so he wanted one too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • YUNHO: we also have one person left? Who is it? Venue: CHANGMIN~!! YUNHO: WHO?? (He was smiling) us: CHANGMINNNNN
  • Seriously. Everyone got to their feet when Yunho came on stage. And everyone chanted his name during Drop. Smtown as T~!
  • Yunho threw his small towel into the audience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yunho and Leeteuk both just said pls wait a bit more for SJ’s siwon and TVXQ’s Changmin~!!!!!!
  • Yunho just said JAA NE~~~~~ and waved cutely
  • Yunho and Taemin? (I think??) bowed to each other like he and Tiffany did ㅋㅋ
  • at the end, BoA, Kangta & Yunho put their arms around each other(BoA mid); BoA & Yunho walked off,arms around each other 1st then Kangta & Yunho too
  • Leeteuk & Yunho at the end after talking about Siwon & Changmin – Leeteuk also did a ✌🏻 behind yunho
  • The crowd at the Bigeast membership booth after smtown ^_^ Yunho effect? 🤣
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel with T and 윤호 ~
  • Yunho getting Tokyo Dome to call out Changmin
  • 7/28: as expected, being there in person is something that live viewing can’t give you. The narrow seats, the crowds, the atmosphere. Being ONE with everyone; it’s almost a religious experience. Thank you to all the kind Bigeast who were so friendly and generous to me. To the non-Bigeast around me, I apologise for my quietness during everyone else and my screaming and chanting during Yunho’s stage. I was right in the centre of the 2ndish 3rd floor so it was like a bird’s eye view of everything. No staff around but I’m sorry, my lousy iphone6’s LQ probably affected my stream. >_< Nevertheless, I wanted to share what I was seeing. I realised only later my voice can be heard >_< sorry again. Haha. But I was so so so so proud as always, as usual. I’m a mere red speck in the 55,000? 45,000? Strong crowd but Yunho made me feel like he was performing for each and everyone. How special is that? The way he works the crowd up during his ment, how he just never stops hyping everyone as he runs about on stage… and from intense monster during Drop to smiley TVXQ leader, making us fangirls melt with his smiles and winks and aegyo and references to Changmin ㅠㅠ to cutesy manchild during We Are and STL. Some fans cried but I’m an ice queen so I cried (on the inside) while I screamed myself hoarse. Everytime I see Yunho on stage, I always get reminded of how much more I -can- be. More humble, more diligent, more passionate, more driven.. of all artistes, he was the only one who made sure to thank the staff. I read once that a star is held up by the sky; and so is the person (the star) and his/her team (the sky). You could see how happy, how content Yunho is to be U-Know, to be on stage. To be with his good friends who he has worked with for years in the same agency; his work family; there’s his manager hyungs, there’s Papa Bear. This is all part of who we know make up him / TVXQ. In that moment, it was perfect. His smile on stage at the end as he bowed and thanked fans. That is it. Why artistes exist. Because of people like us? Fans who like their music, them? Well, it works the other way too. We exist, because we found Somebody to Love. To love enough to want them to be the brightest star they can be in the sky that is made up of us.
    Thank you Yunho. Welcome back.{p/n: link to her tweetlonger post here includes also her fanaccount from yesterday}



Fanaccounts Translated by @snxy:

  • Today was filming day (cos last day of smtown) so a total of 55000 people (incl other fans) were made by Yunho to shout Changmin!3x or so~!! [cr: @yunomariuosao]
  • yunho fanboy / fanman? representing~ ㅋㅋ

    [cr: @19mkt]
  • whether alone or not, that feeling (abt # of ppl mattering) didn’t enter my mind when i saw his dominating performance a pro’s sense where u enjoyed sufficiently no matter where u sat. I realised to the bone the meaning behind caling Yunho, king [cr: @hongchoa12]
  • So proud to be a fan of Yunho ㅠㅠ his words are always so moving and full of humility ㅠㅠ thank you

    [cr: @coscosy]



Fanaccount by @MM7608:

  • When someone of Suju said Siwon will come back soon, Yunho came to screen and said Changmin too
    After that Leeteuk said both Siwon & Changmin will be back •.• that’ll be great (when they are back)
  • •.• Suju’s DH & EH have come back, this (TVXQ) still has 1 person, who?
    Fan: Changmin
    •.• who
    Fan: Changmin
    He made Dome called CM’s name
    After everyone called Changmin’s name
    •.• Changmin will comeback & TVXQ will do perfect comeback activity
  • Today’s perfect day to me when my seat was in arena, so Yunho was so near me, really near me *tears* My throat is hurt now






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