[Instagram] 171107 TVXQ! with SM Artists at the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLAND (171026)

TVXQ! had attended SM Halloween party’s ” the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLANDR” on 10/26 with Yunho as One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro and Changmin as a JEJUair pilot! More photos have been posted on SMTown Instagram with other SMTown artists~



Yunho at the background talking~

Changmin sitting with SHINee’s Minho and TRAX’s Jungmo

Changmin with TRAX’s Jungmo

Changmin with Kangta

Yunho with Super Junior’s Donghae and Yesung


Yunho with BoA

Donghae with Hyoyeon, Eunhyuk & Changmin who’d be doing coal briquettes volunteer work (ft: Yesung)
{t/n: Coal briquettes are commonly delivered to low-income households for heating during the cold winter (more: here)}
[cr: Translated by @snxy]





TVXQ back in 111010 on “HEY!HEY!HEY”, where they talked about One Piece, and Yunho talked about favourite scene of Zoro, while Changmin was of Robin’s. Then they were gifted with One Piece anime voice actors Luffy and Zoro calling to their names ^^

[cr: video via @milotickles]

Also the boys talked about it in a magazine~

Q: Did you recommend something for each other recently?

YH: He recommended One Piece for me and I got into it. My favorite character is Zoro. He is passionate, and once he decides to do something, he put it through. Also he has a sarcastic side. He is like Changmin (laugh). I would be Luffy. Zoro controls Luffy. The relationship is similar to ours.

CM: I agree. He is like Luffy! He loves to play pranks and always surprises me with totally unexpected ideas. But he says great things when it counts.

[cr: MORE November Issue, Translated by: Lisalio @ContinueTVXQ.com, Distributed by: Lisalio @ContinueTVXQ.comPlease keep the original credit intact, thank you.]




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