[Compilation] 171215 TVXQ! went to Support Super Junior’s Super Show 7 in Seoul at Jamsil Arena



TVXQ with EXO’s Xiumin sitting between them~

[cr: Mr_Choi0407]




Translated by @LEETEUKED:

  • OP is sitting in front of DBSK and she said every time she turns behind to look, Changmin is always watching with a motherly smile [宝蓝口味冰]
  • While watching the VCR of Donghae and the girl dating/getting married, DBSK were laughing very hard 😂 [宝蓝口味冰]
  • During the funny Power Rangers VCR, Changmin was laughing so happily [宝蓝口味冰]


Translated by @snxy:

  • OP attended SJ’s concert – In the 15 zone was Ryeowook; OP was in the 17th row; TVXQ & Xiumin were in the 16th row. Seems SNSD’s Taeyeon and NCT? were in the 15th row. [cr: @pinkzzoaa]
  • OP said the sight of Yunho’s enthusiastic self watching the concert left an impression on her as well~ [cr: @pinkzzoaa]





[cr: via @SNSDTaeNyShip]


[cr: @yorugohanr]


Changmin leaving~

[cr: @sweetyyok]



As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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