[TVXQ! IG] 171106 TVXQ Posts Supporting Super Junior’s Comeback~

Since the post is not tagged, there is a high chance one of our boys posted it… and didn’t forget to promote Meloholic, too~ ^^*

ㅋㅋㅋ 슈주화이팅!!^^ 노래넘좋아요!! 멜로홀릭도 잼있게봐주시고요 슈주홀릭 멜로홀릭!!!

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ㅋㅋㅋSuJu hwaiting!! ^^ The song is so great!! Please have fun watching MeloHolic too! SujuHolic MeloHolic!!!



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[Trans] 171005 TVXQ’s “glutinous rice chemistry” to Shine Today on Happy Together 3~

Broadcast at 11:10PM~

Happy Together3 preview, Changmin “I wanted to be SJ, not TVXQ”

During the recording, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s opposite personalities were revealed and based on that, drew attention by bringing up various episodes. That day, Choikang Changmin said, “it’s been tough as Yunho hyung is such a high-spirited person,” “between us, Yunho hyung is a ‘passion {t/n: can also be taken to mean enthusiasm here} chaebol’, and I call him “Passion Mansour”, evoking laughter with his revelation of U-Know Yunho’s excessive? passion. In addition, on his own personality, “I don’t like competition, I like Continue reading

[Trans] 170227 “Kings’ Return”: On the Long-awaited Return of SM’s TVXQ and Super Junior and Others This Year

News article on the Big 3 Korean entertainment agencies:
“SM TVXQ .SJ etc ‘Kings’ return’ “

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IN SM’s case, this year is the “year that we have been waiting for”. The reason is because although the business targeted at China have all stopped, TVXQ who have secured their fanbase in Continue reading

[INFO] 170221 Forecast for SM’s Annual Profit to Rise by Over 40% with TVXQ and Super Junior’s Expected Dome Tours


Forecast for SM: as TVXQ and Super Junior members are to have a JPN dome tour in the later half of the year, its annual average expected to rise by over 40% in profit.




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[Highlight] 160603 SM, Next year, 東方神起 and Super Junior Dome Tour Expected – Hana Financial Investment

M, Next year, 東方神起 and Super Junior Dome Tour Expected – Hana Financial Investment 

Investment outlook for SM – “Buy”

(Analyst comments on SM business outlook)
“There’s a *barbell effect now due to the hiatus 東方神起 and Super Junior when the members were enlisted this year. Continue reading

[Highlight] 160426 SM’s Earning per Share is expected to grow in 2018 with 東方神起 and Super Junior Comeback

From a Dongbu Securities Analyst:

“With the expected comeback from 東方神起 & Super Junior, SM’s earning per share is expected to grow by 31.6% in 2018”
-Tobu Sec-




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