[Fanacc] 171220 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Tokyo Dome


Tohoshinki has started their 2nd part of Tokyo Dome stop, lasting for two days. On 171220, Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Tokyo Dome concert started at 18:00 and ended 21:28 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you]!

In regards to the unfortunate circumstances of losing dear Jonghyun, this sold out show sadly couldn’t be cancelled. Before the show was about to start at 18:00, a message from Tohoshinki about Jonghyun was displayed on screen at the venue in Japanese and Korean. Asking fans to remember him and his music, and dedicating this concert to him (You can find it translated: here).

To all those who went to support our boys and give them love and courage, thank you so much. Our thanks to the Toho dancers, Toho band and all the Toho team for giving them strength in this live.

Lastly, Thank you Yunho. Thank you Changmin. Thank you Tohoshinki.

For staying professional, for giving it your all, we are super proud of you.


Set list:

-VCR 1-
-MC: Introduction-
One More Thing
-VCR 2-
One and only one
シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana/Flower of happiness)

-MC: Tohoshinki: Tadaima!-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai)
Duet -winter ver.-
Catch Me
-Toho Dancers/Band Members Introduction (Something, I Don’t Know, Suri Suri….)-
Easy Mind
I just can’t quit myself
Why? Keep Your Head Down

Rising Sun
We Are!
Summer Dream
Somebody to Love
-MC: Ending-

[cr: @jinjinjara_0]




Fanaccounts Translated by @snxy :

  • More 12/20 from fans attending Tohoshinki’s #BeginAgain Tokyo Dome Day 1 today – a message to fans appeared on the screen saying they will do their best while thinking of Jonghyun and to please cheer them on #東方神起 Reboot TVXQ
  • 12/20 There was a loud cheer of Toho Toho Tohoshinki Fighting! and from the back side of the stage there was sound of applause ㅠㅠㅠ [cr: @maxchangmin_art, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • saying that they knew everyone present was aware of the sad news, Yunho & Changmin who r saddened & in shock thanked everyone for worrying about them + cheering them on. C said he would work hard so that it could be conveyed to he who is in heaven & then with “tadaima”, the MC started [cr: @iruka0206]
  • (fan is listening to streaming) Seems they asked for only the male fans to cheer and it really seemed like there were many of them [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Changmin asked for the people who were at the concert for the first time to raise their hands and noted that it was fewer than he had expected so they’d go to the next song. Everyone went ehh~~ and he said if there were many new fans then he would talk for longer [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho seems to have caught a cold. He’s been having a runny nose since the start until the end ㅠㅠ just bow he was talking about dealing with his running nose ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho ㅠㅠ (referring to him attending Jonghyun’s wake) said he, in his own way, made a promise to him- that though he did not know if his condition would be good today, he’ll work very hard anyway ㅠㅠ [cr: @mj81208]
  • Changmin said on such a cold winter day, whether family or friends, lovers or people we love, to hold their hands + spend a warm time together, whether or not we know if they are hurting, just to hold their hands, hug then, spend winter warmly like that.. to do so, would be to think of him [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Fan had to leave (stream?) cos of smth so may have heard wrongly but during STL, seems Yunho shouted to turn more so that it would reach the sky. With 50,000 people’s lights, surely it would have reached Jonghyun ;; [cr: @ooohciaat]
  • In a tearful voice at the end, Changmin said to please not forget him (Jonghyun) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [cr: @yunoloT]
  • In his final greeting, Yunho said that when he had gone for the send-off, he said (ref to his promise to Jonghyun) that tomorrow (today 12/20) he would do his best from the start with full power to reach/convey to him [cr: @yunhonho]
  • In STILL,
    there is this part: not hearing your voice,
    not being able to call your name;
    if I could see you in my dreams,
    I would hug you tightAfter performing STILL, Yunho said this,
    The lyrics really hit home. (i.e he can identify with them) ㅠㅠ [cr: @sivasingh, JP-KR Translated by @ymamylim]
  • At the start & the end, the two mentioned Jonghyun. Yunho said tho everyone prob already knew but a few days ago there was something sad. Wasn’t everyone worried for us. Thank you very much / At the end, Y said I jumped 4x harder than usual today so it could reach him. I believe it definitely did. [cr: @kzyc_cy, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • During the opening performance of Reboot, where usually when they came out of the transparent box, they would kick to appear, today they just came out. From the start, it could be felt there was a lot of consideration for Tohoshinki. [cr: @imichan_mini, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • Changmin’s final MC: (omit)..he felt that to people, meetings, reunions & farewells are natural, there are times where one doesn’t want to have that natural occurrence affirmed & when there are harsh thoughts. So everyone’s love is precious. It is something miraculous that is deeper than the sea, space [cr: @kzyc_cy, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • At the ending greeting, Yunho said he hesitated over whether to mention it or not but finally: i said it to him when I went to the send -off, from the start until the end, I would go all out. With Changmin, so that our energy could reach above (the sky/heaven) [cr: @raccowa, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]
  • Yunho: while turning, my mucus cane out, it really did, come out
    Changmin: was the mucus like a fan, coming out round and round while you were turning?
    Y: during C’s part, it came out and when it was my part, I sniffed it (made a gesture of a running nose) ㅋㅋ ㅜㅜ [cr: @panee0202, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • The Toho band today was also all dressed in black. As Yunho and Changmin and the dancers had ther own stage costumes, it’s cld be their way of showing consideration. Such beautiful hearts really come to mind [cr: @Aki_tv2xq, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • While Yunho was talking about the new fans present, he said [ this is Changmin. The two of us are Tohoshinki. ] ㅋㅋ qtp [cr: @anywhere4you, JP-KR Translated by @iruka0206]
  • During OCEAN, Yunho was trying to get the crowd to chant Ooga! chaga! Ohla! tokyo dome! but Bigeast kept saying Ooga! chaga! Ohla! Give me beat.. after trying 1, 3 times, he gave up and later continued with Give me beat ㅋㅋ  [cr: @uknowmax2618]
  • Changmin: now there’s not many songs left
    BE: ehh~~!
    C: there’re also no new fans so this reaction is strange! didn’t fans share the setlist and such info amongst themselves?! So I can’t get the ehh~
    Yunho: everyone (already) knows..(re: setlist) ㅋㅋ [cr: @raccowa, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206]


Fanaccounts Translated by @clefaire :

  • Message for Jonghyun on today’s Tokyo Dome tour: For Tohoshinki, Jonghyun is like a younger brother. He’s a talented artist. Tohoshinki won’t forget about Jonghyun, and everyone here too, please don’t forget about him. With thoughts of him, we will work hard. [cr: @thsk_umatt]
  • Changmin’s last greeting:
    *while choosing words carefully and painful expression*; ‘please don’t forget him (Jonghyun)’ 💜 [cr: @panee0202]
  • Changmin: during winter, since it’s cold, please hold hands, and hug your family, lover, friends, and many other person. People may have invisible wounds, so please spend time with them warmly. And also, please don’t forget about him. 💜 [cr: @airockers]
  • Yunho: seems like today both of us were not too high-tension like usual so the Toho team said they wanted to cheer us up. How was today? Toho team did great, right? 😄💕 [cr: @uknow212max1]
  • Changmin: to the next song…
    Everyone: eeeeh!
    Changmin: you guys know the next song right! Since there are no new fans so you guys know it right!!
    Yunho: you all are bad at lying! XD [cr: @yunhonho]
  • Every time Yunho mentioned about his Japanese ability and his runny nose today, Changmin cheered him many times too.
    Changmin: Yunho’s Japanese is great right?
    BE: yeeeeyyyy 🙌
    Changmin: (cutely) see!!!!
    Yunho: such a good friend right! This is Tohoshinki 💕 [cr: @raccowa]
  • 172012 Tohoshinki Meet and Greet.
    After both of them came, BE were like, ‘kyaaaaa! They’re real!’
    Yunho laughed and said, ‘yes, we’re real things’ 😂😂😂😂😂 [cr: @t_2618]




Translated by @mredwardsanders:

  • Changmin at the end (of today’s 171220 concert): Please do not forget about him [cr: @yunhonho]
  • Yunho during the last ment (of today’s 171220 concert): When I went to send him off, I told him that tomorrow, I would do my best and give it my all from the start [cr: @yunhonho]
  • The two talked about Jjong in the beginning and at the end. Yunho said I think everyone knows already but something sad happened just recently. All of you were worried about us right? Thank you.
    And at the end, Yunho said that he went four times as crazy/hard than usual. He thinks it definitely reached him (JH). [cr: @kzyc_cy]
  • Also during the last ment, after contemplating whether to say it or not, Yunho said, “I went to see him off and I told him, we’ll let ourselves loose from start to finish. So that changmin and my energy could reach up there (heaven)” [cr: @raccowa]
  • Changmin chose his words really carefully, “In life there are times when you encounter or are thankful for the supernatural forces but also times when those [same] supernatural forces turn cruel. That’s why I can’t help but cherish the love [I receive] from all of you. This sounds cheesy but I think that it’s a miracle bigger than space and wider and deeper than the ocean” [cr: @raccowa]

Fanaccount by @MM7608:

  • Some touching words are on screen, about Jonghyun said that TVXQ are sad and will never for get him and his music
    To commemorating Jonghyun, they will try to perform today’s stage
  • Yunho got cold today & he couldn’t stop rheum but he’s trying his best
  • Today all band’s members did encore with us



Fanaccount by @kokenes :

  • Yunho and Changmin just posted a sincere heartfelt message about their younger brother, Jonghyun on the big screen inside the Tokyo Dome. Speaking of his talents as singer, songwriter and shining on stage. Tonight’s performance is dedicated to him!
  • Yunho and Changmin got very emotional during the final MC. Changmin told us to hug our loved ones and tell them we love them. You never know if it’s the last time… he cried as he spoke, I’m sure Jonghyun is in his heart. He asked us to always remember JH.
  • Tonight the Tokyo Dome was sold out for @TVXQ Begin Again Concert; Yunho & Changmin paid tribute to dongseng Jonghyun at the beginning & end. Jonghyun had 50,000 people clapping and crying for him tonight. We miss you. Rest well.



Fanaccount by @ladygagarin :

  • The best bolero performance I have ever heard my heart was beating in my throat by the end
    I can’t even describe how much they nailed it
  • you could tell how they felt as soon as they appeared, yunho was so stone-faced… but after the second talk they talked about him and that seemed to ease them up a bit. yunho especially was noticeably more relaxed after that and then the rest of the concert just fell into place
  • that was like a group therapy session. kind of rough at first but then very cathartic
  • I’m still thinking about that Bolero performance. it was just… sublime
    something took hold of yunho and he just sang every note to perfection
  • at first I was feeling unsure, especially when I saw yunho’s expressionless face. he paused many times. I’ve never seen him at a loss for words before but the more he spoke about it the more apparent it became that it was a relief and release for him. he was himself again in the following performances & did his best to keep up energy, do cute dances, pull faces etc. same for changmin who did a fantastic job of being his pillar


Translated by @2beTVXQ :

  • [STREAM]171220 #東方神起 #BeginAgain at Tokyo Dome MC
    There are some fan boys in the venue. TVXQ! are asking fan boys to shout!
    YH : For ppl who came to our concert for the first time, this is not my real voice
    CM : No worries. We have no new fans here
  • [STREAM]171220 #東方神起 #BeginAgain at Tokyo Dome MC2
    CM was talking about the new single “Reboot”.
    CM: Like Reboot he has been challenging new things. Many you can try a new thing too like…diet. After that, he said actually you don’t need it
  • [STREAM]171220 #東方神起 #BeginAgain at Tokyo Dome MC3
    YH : I noticed that there are more cameras than usual. So I guess 2day is a shooting day(for DVD?). My Japanese gets worse in DVD shooting…”
    CM : “Fans know your true Japanese skill (he meant YH’s Japanese is good) ”
    YH : “We are really getting along right? We TVXQ are like this”


Fanaccount by @la_dolce_vita_8 (1 and 2):

  • I went to the TVXQ concert tonight. They mentioned Jonghyun at the beginning and the end of the concert. Yunho thanked the fans for worrying about them after the sad news. Changmin was shocked by the sudden event as he considered Jonghyun to be like a little brother. Both of them were holding their tears and even during the ment, they tried really hard to choose the right words. They said that they would perform with four times the normal energy and sing so that their voices would be delivered to Jonghyun. Despite all the hardships, TVXQ performed like a professional, which made me touched. I am so proud to be their fan.
  • TVXQ ment at Tokyo Dome Concert Day 1.
    YH: Could those who came to our concert for the first time raise their hands?
    CH: There aren’t many..
    YH: That’s strange. I heard for some people that TVXQ gained some new fans…
    CH: Once again, who came here for the first time?
    *This time more people raise their hands because they feel bad. Probably old fans did too lol *
    CH: *realizes that something seems fishy* Yeah, seems like there aren’t many.
    YH: By the way, that is Changmin and I am Yunho. With the two of us, we are TVXQ. My voice usually doesn’t sound like this but I have runny nose right now.
    CH: How many times do I have to tell you that there aren’t many new fans…




As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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