[Trans] 171227 On the Positive Change Sankei Sports Reporter Noted about Tohoshinki~





Their relationship seems to have changed a bit. Previously, when we interviewed them, YH would answer the question first and then he would tell CM to answer the question, or instead of answering the question by himself, YH would tell CM to answer first.. so it was YH who lead the interview. When CM made jokes, YH would respond to his younger brother CM as his older brother.

However, this time, YH and CM both spoke up. When YH was trying to find his answer, CM helped YH. It seems to us that they need each other and depend on each other. Their bonds and trust in each other has become much more stronger. What impressed us the most is the happily/satisfied look on YH’s face that he showed us here and there in the interview, while watching matured/grown-up CM.

YH: Being together (with CM) relaxes me the best. Changmin has matured and I can count on him.
CM: I am really happy to do things together (with YH). His kindness as a leader has increased/He has become an even more kinder person as a leader.
They are so much in love with each other as usual. But their words are positive and flooded with gratitudes towards people around them and their fans.




Sankei Sports| Sanpo,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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