[Trans] 171228 More Behind the Scenes Stories of Tohoshinki for Magazine “CREA”

Magazine CREA Official twitter shared another behind-the-scenes story from Tohoshinki’s feature in their January Issue~



Also posted on their instagram (crea_magazine): here.

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【東方神起 1月号撮影こぼれ話③】一昨日デビュー14周年を迎えた東方神起。最近、ライブのMCが夫婦漫才のように息が合ってると評判ですが、それはインタビュー中も! ユンホさんが高校1年の初デートエピソードを明かしてくれたとき。彼女にサプライズプレゼントをした後、遊覧船に乗ったと話されたんですが、担当編集は遊覧船を貸し切りにしたと勘違い。「高1なのに⁉︎」と目が点になっていると、すかさずチャンミン さんが「貸し切りじゃないですよ。そこまでしてたら、この人今ごろ結婚してますよ!(笑)」、ユンホさんも「ボク、財閥じゃないですから!」と息の合ったツッコミが飛んできて、爆笑でした。写真は1月号読者プレゼントの直筆メッセージカードを書いているユンホさん。想いを込めるようにゆっくり丁寧に書かれる姿が印象的でした。サイン入りポラも直筆メッセージカードも締切は年明けすぐの1/5。ご応募お忘れなく。#CREA #creamagazine #デート #東方神起 #TOHOSHINKI #TVXQ #ユンホ #UKNOW #チャンミン #changmin #Reboot

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CREA behind the scene episode 3.
A day before yesterday, Tohoshinki celebrated their 14 years anniversary since their debut. Recently, everyone is talking about how perfect they are in harmony during live MC and they are just like a married couple comedy show. And that is very true for them during interview! When Yunho-san told us about the episode on his first date when he was the freshman in high school. After Yunho-san gave his girlfriend a suprise present and they got on a sightseeing boat.. the editor misunderstood that he rent a boat all for them. “Wait!? You were only high school freshman!?” looked totally stunned. Then immediately Changmin-san said, “No no, he did not do that. If he really did so, then he is already married by now! (laugh)” Yunho-sand said, “I am not a scion of family-run conglomerates!” They responded to quickly and everyone bursted into laughter.

This is the picture of Yunho-san who was writing a message to our readers (a present for our readers in January issue). I was impressed that he took time and wrote carefully as if he wanted to convey his feelings to our readers. The entry for a lottery to get polaroid picture and his message card is 1/5. Please do not forget to entry.




Tohoshinki for Japanese magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018 (released 171207) can be ordered from Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well).




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Translation by @beriko0214: here and here,
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