[Fanacc] 180112 Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Nagoya Dome

Tohoshinki’s first day at Nagoya Dome has been completed successfully! On 180112, Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ at Nagoya Dome concert started at 18:30 and ended 22:04 (JST) [cr: @anywhere4you]!

Their first concert of 2018~ > w <

[cr: @joeylfy ]

Set list:

-VCR 1-
-MC: Introduction-
One More Thing
-VCR 2-
One and only one
シアワセ色の花 (Shiawase iro no hana/Flower of happiness)

-MC: Tohoshinki: Tadaima!-
逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない (Aitakute Aitakute Tamaranai)
Duet -winter ver.-
Catch Me
-Toho Dancers/Band Members Introduction (Something, I Don’t Know, Suri Suri….)-
Easy Mind
I just can’t quit myself
Why? Keep Your Head Down

Rising Sun
We Are!
Summer Dream
Somebody to Love
-MC: Ending-






Fanaccount by  @joeylfy :

  • So Y made the male fans say “Tebasaki!!” and female fans say “Kishimen!!” today, taking cue from Nagoya’s famous food. Y also said he really like Kishimen, had it yesterday & he asked for refill. C commented Y don’t usually asked for refill when it comes to noodle…



EDIT: one more

  • C: Sapporo was cold but understandable because it’s in the north. But being this cold in Nagoya is the first time right… #BeginAgainTourNagoyaDay1 #東方神起 Reboot






Fanaccounts Translated by @clefaire :

  • Yunho: I think I get used to the men’s pain already
    Changmin: but it’s bad for health
    Yunho: go….
    Changmin: …!!
    Yunho: I’m good! (realized) where do you guys think it’s fine? My heart is fine!! [cr: @masumincha]
  • Changmin was really in a good mood and he was really hyper (tension high). He mimicked Bigeast ‘atashi!! Atashi!!!” was really cute [cr: @chamipper]
  • After the MC ended, Changmin suddenly bursted laughing and couldn’t stop.
    Changmin: since it’s been a while.. it’s kinda awkward, I can’t switch suddenly (next session) while the audience didn’t understand,Changmin kept turning towards Yunho while smiling [cr: @panee0202]
  • Changmin: we went to Sapporo, but Nagoya is the coldest place
    Yunho: there’s cold wave recently right
    BE: ooooo!
    Yunho: both of us will work hard!
    BE: ooooo!
    Changmin: this is the best the reaction to Yunho’s Japanese ever. The first time in whole country ww [cr: @maxchangminmayu]
  • Yunho tried to say I love you in Nagoya dialect.
    Yunho: derasukidakara!
    Changmin: (correcting a bit) derasukidagaya, isn’t it? 💜 [cr: @choco_0707]
  • Changmin: Chang-chan
    Yunho: Yun-chan
    (New one) Na-chan: Nagoya’s attendees [cr: @ljksrh]
  • Greeting:
    Yunho: so,
    Both 2: please take care of us too this year
    Changmin: ah, I’m sorry
    Yunho: no no that’s actually Changmin’s line. [cr: @raccowa]
  • Changmin: did you guys ever wanted to do the We Are T in these past 3 years? ‘I (atashi) want to do it!’ During the next song, we can do that! (The way of introducing new song leveled up! ww) [cr: @chimichami]
  • Changmin: anyway, One Piece was released to 80 volumes here in Japan?
    BE: 87
    Changmin: 87? That’s good you guys know the same thingYunho: yesterday, both of us
    Changmin: went to a book store… [cr: @raccowa]
  • Since the male fans increased, they asked them to cheer.
    Changmin: since it’s Nagoya…. when it comes to Nagoya, what’s famous here?
    Male fans: Tebasaki! (Chicken wing)
    Changmin: I’m asking Yunho!
    Yunho: as for me, talk about tebasaki…. the number one is hitsumabushi! Even when you eat it with green tea, it’s good.. eh? What? Zazabi? What bi? No no, not wasabi.. ah! Yakumi! When you dip it in yakumi, it’s good too! [cr: @llltvz: 1 and 2]





Fanaccounts Translated by @beriko0214:

  • In the opening MC of Nagoya concert day 1
    YH: Okay, Let’s start.. (in small voice)
    CM: Wait, wait… We feel a bit shy coz this is the first live after two weeks break, don’t we?
    YH: Yes, yes, yes!!! [cr: @sivasingh]
  • (*∵*) We ate Kishi-men (Nagoya speciality – flat udon noodle) and it was sooooo good ♡ I had seconds ♡
    (´・J・) It was quite rate that Yunho asks for a second serving.
    (*∵*) Right?…Kishi-men♡ [cr: @mochitic]






As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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