[Fanacc] 180127 Cute Stories about Little TVXQ/Tohoshinki Fans; the Future Cassiopeia and Bigeasts~




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[INFO] 180127 Author Who Wrote a Novel about a Yunho Fan as the Grand Prize Winner of the 9th Munhakdongne Youth Writers’ Award


The grand prize winner of the 9th Munhakdongne (literary publisher) Youth Writers’ Award is novelist Park Minjung whose book “Cecil, Juhee” is about Juhee, a manager at Juju House, who gives Cecil-a Japanese staff who likes singer U-Know Yunho and had come to Korea- private Korean lang lessons. Continue reading

[PIC] 180125 Tohoshinki’s Nissan Stadium 2018 Performance Dats Might Have been Hinted 3 Years Ago?

We don’t usually share fan speculations here, but this one is a fun discovery that seems too good to be a coincidence!

Back in 2015, one of WITH Tour VCRs showed a shelf with books on it (below). It should three volumes numbers: 15, 17, and 18. A book titled last minute, and an encyclopedia volume of No.6 for letters “HIJ”.

Back then, most fans interpreted the first 3 volume numbers as the years where Tohoshinki will be touring: 2015, 2017 and 2018, possibly hinting to them enlisting together (so no 2016), which is what happen, as well as tours were indeed carried out right after they discharged in these years.

There were not much theories about the other two volumes, some probably thought HIJ stood for a “History in Japan” release, but nothing else.

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[VID] 180127 Tohoshinki’s Nissan Performance 3 Days Record Reported by JP Show “King Brunch”

On King’s Brunch Entertainment News Weekly:
Ranking 7th – First-ever Remarkable Feat by Artiste
Announcement of 3 consecutive days live in Nissan Stadium






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