[INFO] 180130 TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin’s Official Instagram Accounts??!!! FOLLOW NOW!!!

Looks like our Yunho and Changmin arrived at instagram!! Go follow them *____*

The accounts haven’t been verified, but they were followed by their TVXQ! account!!!

EDIT: our boys are following each other, TVXQ and SMTown!



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[INFO] 180130 Bigeast Monthly Question to End, and Be Replaced with「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」Corner!

There was a notice that the Bigeast monthly question corner 「Tell us★Yunho&Changmin」will end, and starting from 2018 January, a new corner titled「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」will start instead.

Tohoshinki will be expressing their “Senryuu” (a short form of Japanese poetry), on various topics!

The January one is up already~




Tohoshinki Fanclub Bigeast Official Website,
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[Fanacc] 180129 An Arashi Fan Sharing her Experience Attending Tohoshinki Live Concerts for the First Time

Impression of 東方神起 concert, from an Arashi’s fan

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[PIC/Trans] 180129 Yunho’s Handwritten Message to a Winner of the SUM Cafe Event for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary


A winner of one of the SUM Cafe events for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary received Yunho’s handwritten message as a prize~





“I believe in Cassiopeia and will become better!! (Cassiopeia) are my pride~ ♫ You know that right??”



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