[Yunho/Changmin IG] 180130 TVXQ’s First Posts on their Personal Instagram Accounts!!

Our boys first posts on their personal Instagram accounts!! GO LIKE AND COMMENT!!

Currently they are following each other, TVXQ and SMTown official accounts~ ^^


  • Yunho

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[INFO] 180130 TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin’s Official Instagram Accounts??!!! FOLLOW NOW!!!

Looks like our Yunho and Changmin arrived at instagram!! Go follow them *____*

The accounts haven’t been verified, but they were followed by their TVXQ! account!!!

EDIT: our boys are following each other, TVXQ and SMTown!



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[INFO] 180130 Bigeast Monthly Question to End, and Be Replaced with「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」Corner!

There was a notice that the Bigeast monthly question corner 「Tell us★Yunho&Changmin」will end, and starting from 2018 January, a new corner titled「Tohoshinki ”Senryuu”」will start instead.

Tohoshinki will be expressing their “Senryuu” (a short form of Japanese poetry), on various topics!

The January one is up already~




Tohoshinki Fanclub Bigeast Official Website,
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[Fanacc] 180129 An Arashi Fan Sharing her Experience Attending Tohoshinki Live Concerts for the First Time

Impression of 東方神起 concert, from an Arashi’s fan

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[PIC/Trans] 180129 Yunho’s Handwritten Message to a Winner of the SUM Cafe Event for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary


A winner of one of the SUM Cafe events for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary received Yunho’s handwritten message as a prize~





“I believe in Cassiopeia and will become better!! (Cassiopeia) are my pride~ ♫ You know that right??”



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