[Eng Sub – janieTVXQ subs] 171221 東方神起 Interview for NTV’s “PON!” #Reboot

A pre-recorded interview with Tohoshinki on NTV’s “PON!” was broadcast on 171221.




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[Fanacc] 180103 Song Eun-yi of KBS’s Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” Shared a Story about Yunho with the Cassiopeia who was Featured there

On 171231, KBS’s Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt”, hosted by Kim Saeng-min, Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook, featured a Cassiopeia to talk about her TVXQ fan lifestyle.

That fan shared a story that mc Song Eun-yi shared with her about Yunho:


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[Trans] 180101 Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” EP Featuring a Cassiopeia had the Highest Viewers Ranking on its Time Slot~

On 171231, KBS’s Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” featured a cassiopeia to talk about her TVXQ fan lifestyle.

The episode has the best viewers’ ratings for the time period!


-only TVXQ-related parts translated-

In any case, if one was going to become a fan, the let’s-become-fans-happily-TVXQ-taku’s {t/n: TVXQ fan or TVXQ otaku} receipt of pure love itself led with the best viewers’ ratings. Continue reading

[Trans] 180107 Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish”


Tohoshinki’s Smile Message for bayfm78 “YAMAZAKI Smile Dish” Radio Show





YH: Listeners who are tuning into Yamazaki Smile Dish (bayfm78) and Ms Miki Sakai, a main personality of this show, hello, this is Yunho of Tohoshinki. Continue reading

[VID] 180107 Changmin with SMTOWN FRIENDS Starting 2018 by Volunteering to Deliver Coal Briquettes


As announced in the 2017 SMTOWN WONDERLAND party, Changmin and others such as Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk, f(x)’s Amber, and Red Velvet were part of the SMTOWN Friends who volunteered to deliver coal briquettes to low-income families/

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