[Fancam] Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~ Closing Credits Video


This one has clips of their tour rehearsals, VCR bts including the cute Tohoshinki hug, and their cool fighting scene > w <

  • Closing Credits Fancam: here.




今天不上山: here or here,
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[Trans] 180108 U-Know Yunho for 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film



  • 2018 UL·OS Moisturizer Making Film


Hello, this is the site where the filming of the ULOS moisturiser advertisement is taking place. I am TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho who has become the new model. It’s nice to meet you. This time’s advertisement has the concept of (being) “engineered for men”. What do you think? Does everyone find it okay? Being the new model and also to let everyone know about the good points of ULOS, I will talk about several things. Firstly, simply by applying it in the morning, without being greasy or oily, it remains moisturising the whole day. Although this part is its key point, it isn’t just this either. Continue reading