[Instagram] 180105 Jean-Paul Maunick (Bluey) Backstage with Tohoshinki at Kyocera Dome; Praises their Stage and Personalities~


Bluey (Jean-Paul Maunick), the british guitarist, composer and Incognito’s bandleader posted a photo with the boys backstage at Kyocera Dome, praising their stage performance and their manners!

Our talented and humble boys~

What an awesome last night in Japan before I headed back to London.
Spent the evening at Kyocera Dome with Tohoshinki (TVXQ).
The amazing stage set & special effects was only surpassed by the brilliant musicianship, captivating choreography, Two young men at the top of their game singing, dancing and communicating effortlessly to the masses. 3hours & 30 minutes when by like a blur. It was emotional when the band played Colibri as #yunho and #changmin talked to their adoring fans. They are one of the biggest bands in Asia, yet there was not one over inflated ego in sight. Back stage I was blown away as they told me that Incognito was a part of the soundtrack of their lives. Thanks for a brilliant night fellas!
One Love… Bluey #tvxq #tohoshinki#kyoseradome #kpop #kpopdance #avex

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[DL] 180101 Tohoshinki for TBS’s 「CDTV Special! New Year’s Eve Premier Live 2017 ⇒ 2018」(Part.2)

Tohoshinki appeared on TBS’s 「CDTV Special! New Year’s Eve Premier Live 2017 ⇒ 2018」(broadcast 171231 (Sun) at 23:45~ (JST)), where their pre-recorded performance was on 171229~






  • Tohoshinki FULL Cut (includes CMs) [1080P.ts; 370.3 Mb]: here. ( PW: ipj3)




Download link by @SakuraAquarius,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Eng Sub-funjejuair] 180105 Aircraft Wrapping Video: [JEJUair XTVXQ!] Find the hidden TVXQ! (Leave Comment under YT Video!)


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Also comment under the video on how many times Yunho and how many times Changmin appeared during the wrapping making (their wrapping image on the plane is not included),

Let’s catch them all ≧ ∇ ≦~

[JEJUair XTVXQ!] Find the hidden TVXQ!

  • English

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[Highlights] 180104 U-Know Yunho for UL·OS “Engineered for Men” Advertisement; Making Video Release on 180108



  • On the 8th through the ULOS FB, the making video will be revealed. The video will show the earnestness and professionalism of Yunho from start til end & through a self-camera, be able to feel a sense of intimacy by seeing his healthy skin up close.
    From the 8th until the 15th, leave comments on the ULOS product of your choice and like the FB and 9 people will stand to win a signed product with Yunho’s signature.

    [cr: medipana]

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[VID/PIC/DL] 180104 Yunho for “UL·OS” Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial and Others

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has been selected as the new model for the Japanese (Otsuka) male cosmetics brand “UL·OS” in Korea, the cm is already being played on TV!

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  • Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial


  • Moisturizer 2018 TV Commercial Korean subtitles Ver.


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[PIC] 180103 TVXQ! for the 2018 S.M. GLOBAL AUDITION

As some fans pointed, the photo seems to have been taken during the SMTOWN GALA Charity Night 2017 with VOGUE and UNICEF.


< 2018 S.M. GLOBAL AUDITION > * KOREA * Apply now: 2018korea@smtown.com !


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