[VID/Trans] 180126 Tohoshinki’s Interview with “DODESUKA!” Backstage at Nagoya Dome

Tohoshinki had an interview with the JP TV Show “DODESUKA!” back when they performed at Nagoya Dome.




[cr: kyonkoromin| @kyonkoromin]





Dodeska! (a Nagoya local TV station program)

Tohoshinki Interview YN & CM: The viewers of Dodesuka, Good morning! We are Tohoshinki.

Narration: We were able to have an interview of Tohoshinki just before their Nagoya dome concert.

Interviewer: How do you feel now after seeing your fans for the first time after your hiatus?
YH: They said to us “Oka-e-ri (Welcome back)!” and that made me happier than anything else.
CM: I wish to do my best in order to respond to our fan’s support.

Narration: We learned that they come to Nagoya, pretty often.
Interviewer: Can you tell us something that you had been looking forward to doing or having in Nagoya? Like some food?
YH: I love hitsumabushi (one of Nagoya specialties: charcoal grilled eel with sweet/savory sauce over steamed rice). Actually I ate it yesterday and today I ate kishimen (another Nagoya specialties: a kind of udon noodle soup – kishimen is like a fettuccine), and yeah.. it was really yummy.
CM: We have visited Nagoya many times so we tried many variety of dishes.
Interviewer: How about u-i-rou (Speciality of Nagoya: a Japanese steamed dessert/confectionery made from rice flour and sugar.
It is different in texture from thee traditional mochi, a sticky rice cake.)?
CM: What? What is it?
Interviewer: Oh, great! I was able to bring up something that you don’t know to this table 😀 It is a sweet.
YH: oh, a sweet.
Interviewer: It is related to yo-kan (a traditional Japanese dessert made of red azuki beans, agar and sugar.) and a traditional Japanese dessert, it is sweet.
CM: I believe that you are not born in Nagoya, are you?
Interviewer: No, I am not from Nagoya. I am from the area called Kanagawa prefecture.
CM: You really sounded like a Nagoya native.

Narration: Changmin-san will be turning thirty next month.
CM: Well, I am happy but I am not 100% happy about that.
YH: I think 30s is not too bad.
Interviewer: Do you have anything in your mind that you want to do?
CM: I want to learn how to cook.
Interviewer: Which dish do you have in your mind that you want to make now?
CM: Tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) or donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish- a bowl of steamed rice, with stir-fried or cooked meat or seafood and mixed with vegetables). I wish to learn how to cook them.
Interviewer: (to Yunho), Do you cook?
YH: Me? I am not interested in cooking and I am not good at it.
CM: no interest nor talent …
Narration: Since they came to Nagoya all the way.. I proposed them some idea.
Interviewer: I think it may be better for you to learn Nagoya dialect. I was going to propose that to you.
YH: Dera i-i-desu [meaning That is super good (idea!)]
Interviewer: Wow, you are amazing
CM: If you think that we can use it on stage, please tell us.
Interviewer: I see. How about “da-ga-ya”?
YH: da-ga-ya?
Interviewer: De-ra su-ki da-ga-ya! YH: Ah~ How about, “Nagoya ga dera suki da-ga-ya!”?
Interviewer: Yes, yes. You can grab everyone’s heart.
YH: I see. I will do so if the timing is right/when the opportunity comes during our live concert. I will nail it down.




Video by  kyonkoromin| @kyonkoromin,
Translation by @beriko0214,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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