[Highlights] 180213 ‘I Live Alone’ Side: TVXQ to Appear? Under Discussion + On Naver Main~

As we updated earlier, their appearance is still under discussion. we hope it gets confirmed soon ^^*



[official] ‘I Live Alone’ side: TVXQ to appear? Under discussion.

  • On reports of TVXQ appearing on IAL: the team had met with TVXQ but nothing is confirmed. If they appear, it’d be their first reality variety
  • The format of I Live Alone follows a selected guest star for a day, both in and outside of their homes in order to show what a typical day in their personal life is like {t/n: highlights trend of increase in singles in Kr and shows identification with that growing demographic.}

[cr: TV Report via naver]


  • If TVXQ on I Live Alone is confirmed, the format is apparently that each member would film their own segment which would then be broadcast. The discussion that went on was about the best timing for such a filming and other related matters.

[cr: 한국일보 via naver]


Other articles on the same news were spotted on naver main~


[cr: News article by OSEN, screencap by @GLEAMTVXQ]


[cr: News article by  헤럴드POP, screencap by @ymamylim]





As indicated above,
Translated by @snxy: 1, and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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