[INFO] 180203 Yunho’s Just Folowed Friend DJ Gio Vanhoutte (giovanhoutte) on Instagram


About two hours ago before Changmin updating, it seems that today Yunho followed Gio Vanhoutte (giovanhoutte).

He is a Korean Belgian DJ and and Music Producer who seems to be a friend of Yunho since elementary school (The Celebrity, December Issue 2013), as he was one of the people who attended Yunho’s 85 club party, and posted the video on his youtube:


  • Gio Vanhoutte – The Celebrity 85 St. – Aftermovie with U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)

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[Yunho IG] 180203 On the way home, City at Night Yesterday~

Sharing after midnight, our boys are working hard~ > <

Also, congratulations! both have hit 300k followers ^^*


#집에가는길 #내가본풍경 #오늘 아니 #어제 바쁜와중에 #너무나 #다들 #수고했어요


#on the way home /#the scenery i saw / not #today but yesterday #amidst the hecticness #everyone #worked so very hard



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