[INFO/PIC] 180218 SUM Celebrating Changmin’s Birthday + Event Sticker Already Sold out! + “Chwangdollie❤️” Spelled by SUM chairs~

The same as Yunho’s SUM Celebrating Changmin’s birthday with two events! but once again, the electromagnetic sticker is already out of stock ^^”

For his birthday, this year’s SUM Store two events are as follows:

  1. Spend 10,000₩ or more on TVXQ/Changmin related goods and get his birthday electro-magnetic sticker
    Event period: 2018. 02. 18 (SUN) ~ until out of stock.
  2. Take a proof shot with his birthday banner, upload to instagram with hashtag #SMTOWN_HB and 5 people can win his signed large-size banner.
    Event period: 2018. 02. 18 (SUN).

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[Instagram] 180218 Yunho’s NEW HAIR! Shared by Choi Hyoje~ + Wished Changmin a Happy Birthday~

Yunho’s new hair! it looks lighter than the previous one? he dyed his eyebrows too~

Yunho with Hyoje and different friends! Hyoje also wished Changmin a happy birthday~

It seems like there are many birthdays as he mentioned some, including Gio Vanhoutte’s who is with them in the photo as well~

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[TVXQ! SNS] 180218 #HappyMAXDay 🎂🎉 #180218 #TVXQ #MAX @changmin88 + Liked and Comment by Yunho2154~

Happy birthday to our talented and shy gentlemin > w <!


Posted 7 hours ago on the official TVXQ sns account and Yunho’s just liked it and commented on it 40 minutes ago ^^*
Changmin also has liked the official post an hour after it was posted~

Side note: it seems the staff learned how to do gifs hahaha

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