[PIC/VID] 180218 Changmin’s Birthday Click! StarWars Ads at Korea and Japan, Won by Fans~

Same with Yunho’s, beside fansites’ original ads, thanks to fans efforts participating through the app, Click! StarWars has displayed Changmin’s birthday ads at Seoul and Tokyo at same locations as before~



  • Tokyo, Japan

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[INFO/PIC] 180218 SUM Celebrating Changmin’s Birthday + Event Sticker Already Sold out! + “Chwangdollie❤️” Spelled by SUM chairs~

The same as Yunho’s SUM Celebrating Changmin’s birthday with two events! but once again, the electromagnetic sticker is already out of stock ^^”

For his birthday, this year’s SUM Store two events are as follows:

  1. Spend 10,000₩ or more on TVXQ/Changmin related goods and get his birthday electro-magnetic sticker
    Event period: 2018. 02. 18 (SUN) ~ until out of stock.
  2. Take a proof shot with his birthday banner, upload to instagram with hashtag #SMTOWN_HB and 5 people can win his signed large-size banner.
    Event period: 2018. 02. 18 (SUN).

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[Instagram] 180218 Yunho’s NEW HAIR! Shared by Choi Hyoje~ + Wished Changmin a Happy Birthday~

Yunho’s new hair! it looks lighter than the previous one? he dyed his eyebrows too~

Yunho with Hyoje and different friends! Hyoje also wished Changmin a happy birthday~

It seems like there are many birthdays as he mentioned some, including Gio Vanhoutte’s who is with them in the photo as well~

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[TVXQ! SNS] 180218 #HappyMAXDay 🎂🎉 #180218 #TVXQ #MAX @changmin88 + Liked and Comment by Yunho2154~

Happy birthday to our talented and shy gentlemin > w <!


Posted 7 hours ago on the official TVXQ sns account and Yunho’s just liked it and commented on it 40 minutes ago ^^*
Changmin also has liked the official post an hour after it was posted~

Side note: it seems the staff learned how to do gifs hahaha

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