[VID] 180204 Yunho Appeared in a Video Message for『2018 SON HO JUN 1st FANMEETING in TOKYO』

It seems that Yunho and some other actors appeared in a video message as support for actor Son Hojun on today’s 『2018 SON HO JUN 1st FANMEETING in TOKYO』


Text on Photo: Son Hojun Fight-to!


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[VID] 180204 東方神起 Reboot as No.13 and Begin ~Again Version~ as No.29 on CDTV Original Ranking

On Count Down TV, CDTV Original Ranking, Tohoshinki’s Reboot rose up as No.13 while Begin ~Again Version~ two ranks down to No.29~



The video below also compiles KYHD on Sukatto Japan + Yunho’s The Night Watchman’s Journal CM

[cr:  @wr2799 ]

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