[Instagram] 180206 Yunho’s Sister Jihye Wishes him a Happy Birthday on TVXQ’s Post + Follows Changmin


Yunho’s sister followed Changmin as well on instagram, and she left a comment on the official TVXQ post about Yunho’s birthday~ ^^

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[PIC/VID] 180206 Yunho’s Birthday Click! StarWars Ads at Korea and Japan, Won by Fans~

Thanks to fans efforts participating through the app, Click! StarWars has displayed Yunho’s birthday ads at Seoul and Tokyo~




[cr: 클릭스타워즈]




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[INFO/PIC] 180206 SUM Celebrating Yunho’s Birthday + Event Sticker Already Sold out! + “Passion Mansour” Spelled by SUM chairs~

SUM Celebrating Yunho’s birthday with two events! but the electromagnetic sticker is already out of stock > <

For Yunho’s birthday, this year’s SUM Store two events are as follows:

  1. Buy 10,000₩ or more Yunho/TVXQ related goods and get his electro-magnetic sticker.
    Event period: 2018. 02. 06 (TUE) ~ until out of stock.
  2. Take a proof shot with his birthday banner, upload to instagram with hashtag #SMTOWN_HB and 5 people can win his signed large-size banner.
    Event period: 2018. 02. 06 (TUE).

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