[AUD] 180210 Japanese Actor and Singer Takahashi Katsunori is a Tohoshinki Fan~

Tohoshinki’s male fans increasing! On ayfm78’s “GROOVIN’ ON THE ROAD”, Japanese actor and singer Takahashi Katsunori was revealed to be a Tohoshinki fan and attended their comeback tour! It seems that someone in his family is a Tohoshinki fan, and he got to see their tour through him/her.



On his blog on 171221, he made a post about going to Tohoshinki’s Begin Again Tour in Tokyo Dome with his son~ ^^


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[VID] 180209 Tohoshinki were Mentioned on “Hanamaru · Daikichi no Nanshiyouto?”+ a Tohoshinki Male Fan Spotted Passing By~!

On the Japanese TV show “Hanamaru · Daikichi no Nanshiyouto?”, the cast and Kurosawa-san talked about Tohoshinki~




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[Highlight] 180208 More about Yunho’s Positive Contribution to UL·OS’s Sales~


Olive Young’s January Top 10 list (did not have ULOS in its Top 10 the year before): “ULOS’ All-In-One Skin Milk which has TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho as its model” has entered the list.


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[Instagram] 180209 Changmin and Other Celebrities for the Prada Comics Collection Launch Party

On 180207, Changmin and other celebrities attended the Prada Comics Collection Launch Party

ellekorea korea also tagged his account~

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[Instagram] 180209 Yunho’s DROP Back-up Dancer with Changmin at YouR PresenT in Seoul After Party (171001)


One of Yunho’s DROP back-up dancers with Changmin At SMT Seoul Restaurant for TVXQ’s Special Comeback Live YouR PresenT after-party on 171001.

Says it had been an honour & that everyone worked hard and took care of them.

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