[VID/Partial Trans] 180319 동방신기 (TVXQ! ) THE CHANCE OF 스포 (Spoiler)


TVXQ’s first V Live since their mukbang, Titled: TVXQ! The Chance of Spoiler, was broadcast live at 9:30PM (KST) and lasted for about 30 minutes!

A notice about it was shared on their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram(Liked by Yunho and Changmin) just an hour before it started > <; Nonetheless, fans managed to give them 13M hearts via 62.7k views, 2M even before it started > w <!!

They announced a 2nd teaser on midnight (it’s out now here)!
They mentioned some spoilers(?) talking about the album concept and some of their own contributions, teasing a dance move, demonstrating on computers how the cover style editor feature on TVXQ’s album website works (they encourage you to try it: here!)! However, at the end the website was freezing so they could not explain a lot and they seemed sad about it > <

TVXQ also revealed that the teaser is different from the MV, so we have a lot of things to anticipate *__*



If you missed it, you should be able to replay it: here

{p/n: the English caption are currently partially-subbed (although not totally accurate and timing is advanced); let’s wait until it is fully-subbed~ ^^}




Partial Translation:

While waiting for it to be fully subbed, here are some live translations ^^~

Translated by @snxy:

  • Yunho: TVXQ is finally coming back!
    Changmin: going to the elevator to the filming venue
  • Hello we are TVXQ.
    finally we are here.
    VLIVE! We did a lot of things,
    including a mokbang.. tho not as much as other artistes
  • Mentioned the article that came out this morning. Yunho said they were at the airport and with no make-up except Yunho put a lot of sunblock on. they were surprised to see a lot of ppl. Said shld have put on sunnies or masks
  • Concept of the album:
    Yunho: like a magazine shoot with diverse sides and poses
    Changmin said cos their styles and tastes have changed a lot.
  • !!!! there will be another teaserrrrr at midnight !!!!!!!
  • Changmin: U-Know Time
    Yunho: Changmin Timefiddling around with the TVXQ editor homepage. more stickers will be continuously added too.
  • Yunho just mentioned it’s like home shopping ahahahahah
  • What kind of adult sexiness?
    Adult sexiness?
    It’s like a stylish sexiness; a city man style.
  • Yunho is speaking about the dance. saying the dance has tough moves;
    Changmin said there will be parts fans can follow along this time.
    Changmin asked Yunho to do a sneak peek of the dance
  • lol so u can add your own selfie and put stickers on as well wwwww
  • as yunho’s shoulder move has no name yet, fans are suggesting things like mature shoulder dance lolol
  • the 1st teaser yesterday is not from the MV that they already filmed!
  • many female dancers are used in the MV too ;;;; lolol
  • Yunho had many opinions in the discussion for the mV such as the direction and what kind of feel. from the first song to the last there’s a storyline. changmin wrote the lyrics for the last song. (Sun & Rain?)
  • Clapping as they noticed they hit 10 million hearts ~~!!
  • lol. the site isn’t working well (because of human traffic overload, they say) so they will try again on their phones
  • yunho asking everyone to look forward to their future projects as they have been preparing well. changmin also hopes we can see their diverse sides and diverse genres when hearing the new album.
  • Changmin wrote the lyrics to Sun & Rain. Yunho said they had a lot of attachment to this album as they participated a lot in it from start until the end. CM said he also did co-writing.
  • so if i heard correctly, changmin implied the bgm for the teaser was from his solo song (which should be closer). ;;;; love lyricist shim.
  • Yunho: VLIVE! We really did a lot, didn’t we! Even a mokbang (eating show)~ right?
    Changmin: Actually, compared to other artistes, we didn’t do a lot.
    Yunho: Ah, is that so? [cr: via @passion_mansour]








Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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