[Instagram] 180401 Singers and Others Share their Signed #The_Chance_of_Love Albums that they Received from #TVXQ

TVXQ performed on 04/01 SBS’s “Inkigayo” episode~
several junior singers as well as others shared photos of the signed albums they received from TVXQ ^^*





너무 멋있고 존경하는 선배님 감사합니다👍😭#동방신기#운명#선배님들#만난게#바로_그_운명이란_거


Very great seniors who I respect, thank you.

TVXQ Messages Translation:

Changmin: Hoping SEVENTEEN will hit it even more big from now on~ I am cheering you on! Hwaiting! ^^

Yunho: Always showing great performances, [SEVENTEEN is] a group I like. Thank you for caring for us today~ I hope you will promote for a long time with healthy bodies and hearts!! Hwaiting~ ♡
SEVENTEEN is great!!

[cr: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu (min9yu_k): here, translated by Soompi]





my idols when i was young😂 #thank you very much for treating (us) so kindly~^^!!! #TVXQ #successful fan

[cr: iKON’s Koo Junhoe/Ju-ne (juneeeeeeya): here, Translated by @snxy]




[cr: KwonDongil, Color Wave PD (@kasminz_)]


간만에 푹쉬는 일요일 청소기 돌리고 앉아 동방신기 앨범을 찬찬히 보는중. 뿌듯하군. #동방신기#모데라토#수트#일요일#짜파게티#휴식#쇼핑#하고싶다#tvxq

TVXQ’s Messages Translation:

C: thank you very much for making the suit so lovely & well! I really like it^^ please take care of the tour costumes too^^
Y: I think the clothes pick this time were really lovely. thank you very much for the attention! Always be happy~& please take care of us in the future~

[cr: kim jin sung, moderato suit director (kimsuit): here, Translated by @snxy]





as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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