[Changmin IG] 180404 Changmin Takes a Selfie with Author Yoo Hyunjoon’s Book (was shown Before on his Books Shelf on I Live Alone) + Replies to Comments


Previously, Changmin followed author Yoo Hyunjoon who commented about seeing his book on Changmin’s book collection that appeared in I Live Alone

and now our boy posted a selfie with that book, and even replied to some comments on the post ^^

the author also recently left some comments as well



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[TVXQ!/Yunho IG] 180404 U-Know with Dancers and Staff Dancing TVXQ!’s “The Chance of Love” Shoulder dance!! Fan Challenge Event: Share similar video of yourself/with Friends using event hashtag

Please have fun and join the challenge using the hashtag #으른으쓱댄스_CHALLENGE > w <!

video reposted by Yunho, and Changmin liked both posts, Yunho’s and TVXQ’s~


TVXQ’s Post:

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[INFO/TVXQ! SNS] 180404 “Timeless Superstars!” with Begin Again Tour DVD TVXQ Sets “a New Record” of “Most No.1s on Oricon’s Weekly DVD Chart as the First Global Artist!”

Congratulations o(*> w <*)o!!


News article Highlights:


  • TVXQ, yet another new record on Jpn’s Oricon Chart. Their Begin Again DVD attained 1st in 3 categories: DVD music; DVD overall; DVD+Bluray overall music sales
  • with this DVD which is 2 yrs and 7 mths following their Aug 2015 rel of WITH DVD, this is their 9th no. 1, making it a new record for o/s artistes. This is their 7th consec DVD & 9th in total to get 1st in overall DVD cat, breating their own record of being the no.1 o/s DVD artistes

[cr: Newsen, Translated by @snxy]




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[INFO] 180403 TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome Seating Plan! (Live on 5/5 and 5/6)

TVXQ! will hold two concerts on 5/5 and 5/6 (19:00 KST) at Jamsil Sports Complex, Olympic Supplementary Stadium ​(Outdoor), titled: TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome

Seating plan was revealed on tickets’ website, which is going on sale on 4/4


international fans could consider getting their tickets via the global package which comes with hotel: here!

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