[Compilation] 180403 TVXQ’s First #운명 #THE_CHANCE_OF_LOVE Fansign Event at SMTown@CoexArtium

their first fansign meeting after comeback!! SMTown@CoexArtium 5F was booked only for people who received invite for TVXQ fan sign meeting from 6pm until 9pm. (that was mostly preparations because the fan sign itself was shorter, it just ended~)


of TVXQ arriving and the venue

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[Trans] 180403 The Boyz’ Members Sunwoo and Juyeon on TVXQ and Feeling Moved by their Advice



at their showcase today, The Boyz’ Sunwoo: we saw the article which mentioned us (TVXQ mentioning which juniors caught their eye) and were honoured and surprised if we have activities at the same time again, I want to formally greet them. I’ll strive to be a hoobae they’re proud of.” Continue reading

[TW] 180328 Media Magazine “ize” Reporter Praises TVXQ’s Good Work Attitude Despite being 15 years Seniors




On the choice of hoobaes that they had their eye on, today (tweeted 28/3) at the meeting, TVXQ chose BTS and said “we think that they treat the stage with sincerity”. These are words they leave despite knowing why until now they (TVXQ) put their heart and soul into preparing for their albums and stages. The standard they use for observing their hoobae singers’ stages is exactly the standard they use for their own. Continue reading

[News-Billboard] 180403 Watch TVXQ! Get Playfully Romantic in Breezy ‘Love Line’ Video


Watch TVXQ! Get Playfully Romantic in Breezy ‘Love Line’ Video

A week after releasing their first post-hiatus album New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love, iconic K-pop duo TVXQ! dropped a new music video for their second single “Love Line” Monday (April 2).

With breezy percussion, subtle rhythmic strings, and smooth tropical synths to match the mellow vocals, “Love Line” follows the titular “The Chance of Love” to showcase a softer side of the pair. While the previous track and music video reveled in TVXQ!’s suave nature, the second lead song is all about the more sentimental, easy-going slant of the act. Continue reading