[VID/Trans] 180402 Cute Video of Yunho Bidding Goodbye to the Children of the Kindergarten he Taught at

TVXQ will temporarily take roles as a kindergarten teacher (Yunho) and a chef in restaurant (Changmin). KNTV (Jpn) will broadcast TVXQ’s 72 hours (10 episodes) from 5/26 every Saturday from 17:30-18:15 JST  (Kr broadcast date undetermined yet)


Below is a cute video shared by staff from the kindergarten Yunho went to, of him saying goodbye to the children from his class


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[PIC/Trans] 180401 Win TVXQ’s Signed Posters from Alarabiya! + Reporter Shared Some Behind-the-Scenes Episodes from her Interview with TVXQ! via her Snapchat

TVXQ had an interview with the Arabic news channel Alarabiya. The first part was broadcast on their morning show “Sabah Alarabiya” on 4/1 (you can find it here, and in English subs here)
and the second part will be broadcast on 4/2 at 9am (AST), (channel’s live stream on youtube: here.)

Alarabiya reporter, Ashwaq, who interviewed them, shared on the story of her snapchat account (ashwaq.alatoli) a photo and videos where she talked about some behind the scenes episodes from her interview with TVXQ!

We are re-posting here some translations of her report (as translated text, no videos or audio unless we get her permission to re-post them). In addition, Sabah Alarabiya announced TVXQ’s signed cards which fans can win by commenting on the interview’s official videos.


Snapchat Story:

Shared before the interview broadcast:

  • Photo:

Caption: What do you think we are doing :)?!


  • Snapchat Video Translation:

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[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 180401 #TVXQ Interview on Alarabiya – First Part

A week before arriving at Dubai, TVXQ’s group members to Sabah Alarabiya: “We want to know more about Arabs”

The first part of their interview was broadcast on Sunday morning, and they interview’s video was published on the tv news channel’s YouTube!

They were so cute!

The 2nd part will be broadcast tomorrow (around 9am AST), and can be watched on the tv channel’s YouYube live stream: here (or uploaded there later).


  • 180401 TVXQ Interview on Alarabiya – First Part


{t/n: please bear in mind that the English translation is based on KR-AR official translation, so mistranslations resulting from this roundabout may happen}


please watch and leave a comment on the original video below (to win signed TVXQ cards):



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