[Instagram] 180419 Toho Team Meeting up and Enjoying Tohoshinki Begin Again Tour DVD Together~

Keeping their beautiful Toho bond, it seems like Toho dancers and Toho band had a re-union, with Tohoshinki’s Begin Again tour DVD playing in the background! can’t wait for Nissan ^^*

Here are some photos or videos through instagram’s stories or posts~


[cr: Toho dancer ACHI Instagram (achiwilder) Story via @tomotomo_1202: 1 and 2]


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[PIC/Trans] 180420 Official Poster for TVXQ CIRCLE #welcome Revealed – First Concerts in 2 Years and 9 Months


Reported by the news and shared by TVXQ’s SNS accounts, the concert poster has been revealed on the 1st year anniversary since Yunho discharged from military ^^!

SMTOWN Travel announced the last call for the global package (concert page has been updated with the new poster), so go for it: here! let’s cheer our boys on together~


official poster for TVXQ CIRCLE #welcome revealed – first concerts in 2 yrs and 9 months

CIRCLE #welcome will include a stage of hit tracks, TVXQ to tracks from THE CHANCE OF LOVE album as well as present their solo stages for the first time. It’d be a musical-like concert with diverse music and performance; a party where one can enjoy TVXQ’s elegant performance


Shared on TVXQ’s Facebook and twitter:

동방신기의 서울 단독 콘서트 ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’ 포스터가 공개됐습니다!
TVXQ! dropped a poster for their Solo Concert ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’

📢 ‘TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome’
📆 2018. 05. 05 ~ 2018. 05. 06 
📍 서울 잠실 종합운동장 보조경기장(Jamsil Sports Complex Supplementary Stadium, Seoul, Korea)







스포츠조선 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Yunho IG] 180420 it’s already been a year..though it’s the cherry blossom season, it’s magnolia instead?? ㅋㅋㅋ^^


it’s been a year since our man was discharged from the army!! drama filming, single and album releases, an entire tour, many variety shows, and a Korean comeback! so proud of their achievements ㅠㅠ!


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