[TW] 180328 Media Magazine “ize” Reporter Praises TVXQ’s Good Work Attitude Despite being 15 years Seniors




On the choice of hoobaes that they had their eye on, today (tweeted 28/3) at the meeting, TVXQ chose BTS and said “we think that they treat the stage with sincerity”. These are words they leave despite knowing why until now they (TVXQ) put their heart and soul into preparing for their albums and stages. The standard they use for observing their hoobae singers’ stages is exactly the standard they use for their own. Today, the two people’s stage was extremely impressive. 15 years, even if they had not gone all out, the sensations would already be sufficiently permeated through their bodies (i.e they could easily go through the motions without trying too hard) however they continued to do their best to master the new things and get close to how they are presented, rather than sticking to their familiar sensations. I admire the people who work with such attitudes.




Park Hee A (@muse_at): here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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