[INFO] 180411 TVXQ’s First Reality Variety Show “TVXQ’s 72 Hours” Broadcast Time Revealed! On V LIVE Every Mon/Wed from 4/30 at 11am + TV on XTvN Every Mon from 5/7 8pm

Announced through news articles and TVXQ’s twitter and facebook, their first ever reality verity show will be broadcast on vlive and TV!

Let’s look froward to it > w <!!

You can wait for it on V Live: here!

TVXQ’s  first reality-variety “TVXQ’s 72 Hours” to air from 4/30 every Mon~Wed at 11am on VLIVE and Naver TV.

To air on regular TV on XTvN from 5/7 every Mon 8PM.

It shows TVXQ in new environments and professions, challenging their dream jobs of their ordinary everyday selves. Kid-loving Yunho as a kindergarten teacher who’ll have classes including English, PE, music and Changmin as a restaurant chef doing everything from ingredients to serving.




OSEN via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express



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