[VID/Partial Trans] 180413 Idol Discovery EP 2 Interview with TVXQ

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Partial Translations:

  • First TVXQ talk abt their new album and cos Changmin keeps nodding; the captions point it out and they enlarge his head using CG ㅋㅋ
  • As Yunho’s blond hair received a hot response from Chn fans- Yunho said after O Jung Ban Hap period he’d not done it again (caption shows Tree tour eraㅋ) so he’d wanted to try smth new this time but personally, he doesn’t rly like blond & doesn’t mind trying again nxt time
  • Changmin says he doesn’t currently have such plans (for blond hair) but says he doesn’t mind trying if there’s a chance next time ~!!
  • When asked about songs they’d recommend from prev albums- Yunho recommends Moonlight Fantasy as it transforms from the start of Changmin’s soulful vocals, they’d not promoted it apart from at concerts plus the lyrics are warm
  • Asked about his prep for his message to fans in Chn which received a hot response, Yunho said he worked hard listening to the pronounciation and practising. Changmin also sang a bit of Midoyo in Chn.
    Y: it was so good, its (mascot) tongue is sticking out.
    C: it was like that originally
  • On cities they hope to visit when they come to China- Yunho: Shenyang as he last went there when he was a rapper for Dana & wants to see hw it’s changed;
    Changmin: Forbidden City (Beijing) as he’d read about it in a book and thinks it’s really interesting
  • On food he’d want Changmin to make for him,
    Yunho: spicy seafood soup.
    On what he’d want to make for Yunho or Y to make for him: avocado bibimbap as its healthy & easy to make. He’d want Y to make things that are easy but delicious so he’d develop an interest like fried rice or jigae
  • They are asked to say a few words to Chinese fans and Yunho pauses, thinks, takes a deep breath and says in Chinese: missed you all.. we missed you all. thank you all. 👋🏻




Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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