[Instagram] 180415 EXO’s Chen Shares a Photo with TVXQ’s Meal from their Food Truck Support, Thanking them~

TVXQ sent a food truck support to EXO’s fans who attended EXO-CBX’s Inkigayo pre-recording



오늘 인기가요에서 알게된 동방신기형들의 깜짝선물……!!!
저번 브이앱 볼링대회에서 졌던 저희가 해드렸어야했지만 오히려 괜찮다며 챙겨주신 간식차 ㅠㅠㅠ
저희 에리들까지 챙겨주시고…
형들 너무 감사합니다!!!!!!♡ 언젠가 있을지도 모르는 리벤지 볼링 대회가 있다면 성장한….?
다른 모습….? 음….열심히 해보겠습니다….ㅎㅎㅎ
이번 한주동안 사녹때마다 본방송때마다 응원하러 와준 우리 에리들 항상 힘이 되어줘서 너무 고마워요~~♡ 그리고 한주동안 같이 활동하면서 잘챙겨주신 동방신기형들~! 슈퍼주니어 형들~! 한주동안 같이 활동 할 수 있어서 더 재밌었어요!!
동방신기 화이팅!!
슈퍼주니어 화이팅!!
저희도 언제나 응원할께요!!!!


The surprise presents by TVXQ hyungs today at Inkigayo….!!!
We should have done it because of the game we lost at the bowling competition match but on the contrary, they said it was fine and took care of us with a snack truck ㅠㅠㅠ ….
And to the extent of taking care of our eris…
Thank you so much hyungs!!!!!!♡ We don’t know if there will be a revenge match someday but if there is, a developed…? Different image..? Mm… I will try my best….. hahaha
For the past one week, thank you to our eris for being our strength for coming to cheer on us for every prerecording and live broadcast~~♡ and TVXQ hyungs who promoted with us and took care of us for a week~! Super Junior hyungs~! It was more fun being able to promote together for a week!!
Thank you♡
TVXQ fighting!!
Super Junior fighting!!
We will always cheer on you forever too!!!!



weareone.exo: here,
Translated by @baekbaecon,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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