[Instagram] 180502 Kindergarten Teacher Sharing a Photo of Yunho with One of the Children + On him Touching the Hearts of Many People~

Yunho became a kindergarten teacher for “TVXQ’s 72 Hours”! Here are more memories from those days~



매일매일 #비타민윤호선생님 을 그리워하는 #핑크왕자👜👚👝💗💝 #이예준
#너의확고한취향 #핑크핑크 #윤호선생님 #놀라실듯 #사랑한다 #너의취향까지도 #ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #동방신기의72시간 #동방신기#유노윤호 #TVXQ

Yunho with Pink Prince Lee Ye Jun kun who misses Vitamin Yunho seonsaengnim everyday~




Yunho with Mountain Birds Class (San-se ban)’ lovable Hong Jun-Pyo kun who got along well with Vitamin Yunho seonsaengnim~!




#윤호선생님 첫 출근 하는 날, 아이들에게 잘 보이고 싶은 맘에 직접 준비해 왔던 핑크 머리띠와 노란 리본 😋 방송보니 찍어둔 게 생각나서 올려본다. 짧은 글로, 3일 동안 내가 느낀 #정윤호 라는 사람을 다 표현할 순 없지만.. 보이는 곳에서도, 보이지 않는 곳에서도 촬영때문이 아닌 진지한 태도로 다른 삶에 도전하고자 하는 그의 진심을, 노력을.. 나와 아이들, 동료들, 학부모님들이 느꼈다고 말하고 싶다👍 정상에 있어도 겸손한 미덕을 가진, 성공자지만 끊임없이 배우는 태도를 가진 연예인이 진짜 있구나 싶던 짧고 긴 3일. 그는 괜히 #동방신기 리더가 아니었다.

#내가더많은걸배운시간 #동방신기의72시간 #리더의품격 #동방신기 #유노윤호#TVXQ #유치원교사 #윤호선생님 #비타민윤호선생님
#내가입덕할수밖에없는이유 #고마워요윤호쌤😊


The pink headband and yellow ribbon that Teacher Yunho personally prepared and brought out of the desire to show his heart well to the kids on his first day at work😋 upon seeing them when watching the broadcast, this came to mind so I’m posting this. In this brief text, I can’t express entirely the person called Jung Yunho, whom I felt for those 3 days.. in places which can be seen..and places that can’t.. with an earnest attitude and not because of the filming, his sincerity in taking on the challenge of another life.. his effort.. me and the kids.. the colleagues.. the school parents want to say it was felt 👍 even with a sincere heart and the virtue of himility, it was a short yet long period of 3 days where I felt so there are really celebrities that despite being a successful person even with a sincere heart and the virtue of humility, have a unceasing attitude to learn. He isn’t TVXQ’s leader for no reason.

-some of her hashtags-

#it was a time where I learnt more things #the reason there was no way I wouldn’t become a fan #thank you Yunho ssaem (teacher)



teachers with the children watching Yunho performing~




awesome__teacher: 1, 2, 3 and 4,
Translated by @snxy: here, here and here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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