[Instagram] 180508 TVXQ! Backstage with the Different SMTOWN Family Members who Attended~


On both days, different SMTown artists have attended such as BoA, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, SHINee’s Minho, Red Velvet, NCT, and SM male trainees as well as Lee Sooman


TVXQ! Instagram Post:

(2nd day)

지난 이틀 간 펼쳐진 TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome🎈
동방신기를 응원하기 위해 이수만 선생님, 슈퍼주니어 은혁, 레드벨벳, NCT를 비롯한 많은 #SMTOWN 가족들이 방문해서 그 열기를 더했는데요, 매 순간 열정으로 가득했던 콘서트 현장 비하인드 사진을 공개합니다!

Many SMTOWN family members, including Producer Lee Soo Man, EUNHYUK of SUPER JUNIOR, Red Velvet, NCT, and more, made a surprise visit to TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome to cheer on TVXQ! and added passionate vibes!
Here are some behind-the-scenes of that passionate moments at TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome!🎈

#TVXQ#동방신기 #U_Know #유노윤호#MAX #최강창민 #TVXQ_CONCERT_CIRCLE#welcome @yunho2154 @changmin88#LeeSooMan #EUNHYUK #RedVelvet #NCT#EMOS #SMTSeoul


The same post above was also posted by SMTOWN: here and liked by Changmin~

[cr: tvxq.official: here]




On the first day, SMTOWN shared the following photos as well which were liked by Changmin~


샤이니 민호와 NCT가 동방신기를 응원하러 콘서트 현장에 왔습니다!
그 모습 📸 같이보시죠! 😉🤗

MINHO of SHINee and NCT came to cheer for TVXQ!’s concert in Seoul😉🤗

#TVXQ#동방신기 #U_Know #유노윤호#MAX #최강창민 #SHINee #민호 #MINHO#NCT



From the 2nd day:


TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome 두 번째 날!
슈퍼주니어 은혁, 소녀시대 태연과 효연, 레드벨벳, 그리고 NCT가 동방신기를 응원하러 왔습니다!

The second day of TVXQ! CONCERT – CIRCLE – #welcome!
EUNHYUK of SUPERJUNIOR, TAEYEON and HYOYEON of Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and NCT came to the concert to cheer on TVXQ!




[cr: smtown :here and here]



BoA with Minho at TVXQ’s first day concert~

우리 신났다!!!!!! 👍👍 #동방신기무슨 노래인지는 비밀~🤫

[cr: boakwon: here]


Taeyeon’s post on 2nd day:


즐길 것 배울 것 느낄 것 많았던 멋진 공연이었어요♥ 아이언맨같은 우리 두 오빠들🙏🏻 댄서님들 퍼포먼스도 정말 우주최고였어요 감탄하면서 봤습니다 조명도 너무 멋졌고 하. 날씨도 오지규. 하ㅜ 정말 모든게 다 최고♥ 멋진공연 보여주셔서 감사합니다 #동방신기 #동방신기콘서트 #circle


A cool performance where I was able to enjoy, learn and feel a lot from♥ our two oppas who were like Iron Man🙏🏻 The dancernims’ performance was also really the best in the universe. I was watching in awe. The lighting was also so wonderful, ha. The weather was good too. Haㅜ truly, everything was all topnotch♥ thank you very much for showing us a wonderful performance. #동방신기 #동방신기콘서트 #circle

[cr: taeyeon_ss: here, Translated by @snxy]






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