[Instagram] 180516 Changmin at a Reservist Soldier Training! Gaining New fans Along the Way~

It seems like Changmin had to join reservists training for discharged soldiers which could last a day or 3 days, and sometimes they can stay at home after their exercises or stay at the barracks (read about it here or here)!

He already made a new fan! we hope he do well~^^



동방신기 창민이형이랑 같이 예비군 훈련받았다😆 형이 쥬스도 주시고 미니쉘과 멘토스도 사주셨다🙊 아는형처럼 편하게 해주셔서 오늘부터 동방신기 팬하기로 함✌ 형은 짱착하셨다#동방신기#최강창민


OP said he’d bought juice, mini-shell (a snack bar) & Mentos. As he acted friendly as though he was a familiar hyung, from today, OP’ll be a TVXQ fan✌ he was really nice!





wookdongshin: here,
Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express 

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