[Instagram] 181116 Yunho’s Handmade Shoes for ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign’ at Exhibit Hall in Seongsu-dong

Yunho is the first star picked to participate at the ‘Wear Seongsu Handmade Shoes Campaign’, and handmade shoes in Chelsea style, as per his request, were made for him. It’s been reported previously that the three pairs will be made where one will be auctioned “in December in which the money made from sales will entirely be donated to design special shoes for the disabled, and one other pair will be put on display at an exhibit hall in Seongsu-dong.”

Below are photos of the shoes at the exhibition posted by TVXQ’s bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan (Papa Bear), who also shared photos of the rest of the celebrities handmade shoes~


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성수수제화 신기 릴레이캠페인 성수수제화 희망플랫폼 성수동 성수역에서 뚝섬방향으로 오시다보면 희망플랫폼 이라는 홍보전시관에 지금까지참여해주신 셀럽분들의 신발이 전시되고있습니다 연말 경매통해 그수익금으로 장애인분들에게 특수신발만들어전달하는 뜻깊은행사에 참여해주신분들 너무감사드립니다 많이들찾아주셔서 구경도하시고 경매도참여많이해주세요 뚝섬역4번출구 성수역방향 성수역1번출구 뚝섬역방향 #성수수제화신기릴레이#성수수제화#유노윤호#조태관#손은서#에릭남#손호준#경매#공익#성수수제화거리

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