[Yunho IG] 181122 Yunho Enjoying Pizza + Looking “Like a Desert Fox” Standing in the Same Place TVXQ Filmed their “YouR PresenT” Poster!

Sharing photos from when he was in Korea, and in the second post he said he looked like a desert fox, so cute > w <!! He also replied to Yuri’s comment~

The location he was standing in is the same one TVXQ filmed their “YouR PresenT” Fanmeeting Poster! Their stylist updated his insta story with the same location on 181120, so fans were wondering if they were filming something *_*



Yunho IG:

먹방 시작!
나 한 조각만 먹어도 될까?? 🍕


Mukbang start!
May I eat one?? 🍕




언제봐도 멋진 도시 풍경.
그리고 사막여우 같은 나~


Every time I look at it, it’s a beautiful city scenery.
Anyway, I look like a desert fox~


Yunho’s reply to Yuri’s comment who recommended he eats it with beer :


[cr: @206218T]




TVXQ’s stylist Kim Saejun’s instagram Story on 181120 showing a photo of the same place!


[cr: via @bbananatwt and @0206yhken]



Desert fox trending first in korean twitter!


[cr: @guri_dong]




yunho2154: here and here,
Yunho’s Captions KR-JP Translated by @doyafaceuknow and @Shim_Ls2v2, JP-EN Translated by : 1 and 2,
and as indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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