[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170918 Notice: TVXQ! Live – YouR PresenT – OFFICIAL GOODS

TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – OFFICIAL GOODS





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[Trans] 170916 News Article on TVXQ’s Upcoming Activities, New KR Album at Beginning of 2018

With their full-fledged activities up ahead, male duo TVXQ is ‘warming up’. TVXQ members, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are quenching the thirst caused the halt in their activities due to serving in the military. In mid-August, as Choikang Changmin was discharged from service, although (they) made the resumption of their activities known with an Asia Press Tour, stopping in Seoul, Japan and Hong Kong, that was merely a warming-up. The start of their activities would Continue reading

[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170829 Notice: TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – (Tickets and Entry Instructions)



TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – 예매 페이지 가기!
▶ http://ticket.yes24.com/Pages/Perf/Detail/DetailSpecial.aspx?IdPerf=27828


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[Trans] 170823 TVXQ’s YouR PresenT to be held in Seoul and Macau (10/15), Hong Kong Stop Expected~

3 rounds of TVXQ’s Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT is scheduled for Sept 30, Oct 1 in Seoul and Oct 15 in Macau; so when will they perform in Hongkong? U-Know expressed that they definitely would so Continue reading

[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170821 Notice: TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT


This is SM Entertainment.

The present that TVXQ has prepared with a thankful heart, in order to repay you for waiting for a long time We will convey TVXQ’s answer to the love that they have only been receiving all this while from the fans. They will be Continue reading

[News-Soompi] 170821 TVXQ Talks About Their Military Service And What They Learned From Being Apart

TVXQ Talks About Their Military Service And What They Learned From Being Apart


Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ, who have finally reunited, held the “TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR” on August 21 to speak about their future plans.

During the press conference, they also talked about being freshly discharged from the military. In particular, Changmin said, “It hasn’t even been a week since I was discharged. As of yet, being in police uniform is more comfortable for me.”

Yunho said that Changmin has changed since being discharged. He said, “I think he became more manly in terms of outward appearance. I think he changed on the inside, too. He contacted me a lot while he was in the army, and I thought, ‘Wow, now Changmin is the one taking care of me.’ I was surprised.”

Changmin admitted, “I found it embarrassing before because it was Continue reading

[Trans] 170821 Yunho on the End of September Fan Meetings + Changmin on Anticipating Future Activities



유노윤호는 “9월 말 우리가 스페셜 라이브를 진행할 예정인데 기존 팬미팅과는 다르다”며 “팬들과 2년 동안 대화를 못하다 보니까 우리와 대화를 나누는 시간을 팬들도 원하지 않을까 싶어서 그런 자리를 마련했다. 양과 질로 만족시키겠다”고 말했다.

최강창민은 “팬들 앞에서 노래하고 춤추는 시간들을 덜 자주 가졌던 게 정말 괴로웠다”며 “군 복무를 마치고 열심히 활동하는 일밖에 남지 않았다. 20대 때 활동했을 때보다 행동 하나하나, 무대 하나하나에 큰 책임감을 느끼는 것 같다”고 했다.


Yunho: at the end of September, we are scheduled to have a spcial live, it will be different from the usual fan meetings. As we were unable to talk with fans for 2 years, we thought that fans might want a time Continue reading