[Trans] 171130 Two SUM Cafe Events Announced for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary!! (Period 12/01~12/10)

SUM announced a TVXQ! 14th Anniversary Event: ‘Message Card’ & ‘From Me to You’

Translations of the event details can be found below~



TVXQ 14th Anniversary Celebratory Event – Cake Made With Fans 🎂
1. Visit SUM Cafe during the event period Continue reading

[INFO] 170929 SUM Event: Comeback Live – YouR PresenT Event; TVXQ’s Name Tag Keyrings if Spend Over 50k Won


[TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT Event!] 📌Free TVXQ! member’s name tag keyrings are offered from purchasing goods more than 50,000 won at SUM those who has TVXQ! YouR PresenT ticket❤️- Continue reading

[INFO] 170807 SUM Announces a “WELCOME BACK MAX SUM EVENT” From 170808 until 170817!!

Starting tomorrow, 10 days only are left until our boy is back o(*≧□≦)o!!!


Uploding photo of yourself & MAX life size display on Instagram
with Celebrating message and official hashtag.
We are offering goods with MAX’s handwritten signature
and message on it through a draw Continue reading