[INFO] 180220 The Release of Tohoshinki 2018 2 Way Calendar Announced! Available on mu-mo Overseas Shop!


The Bigeast fanclub official website has just announced the sale of the Tohoshinki 2018 2 way Calendar for 2,900 Yen (Tax included), and it can be used in two ways: as a wall or a desk calendar!
It consists of 27 pages containing off-shoot photos that you don’t see often and TB schedule stickers~

Bigeast members have the benefit of getting an “IC card sticker (with signature)” (All 4 are random)!

※Calendar period:2018/4~2019/3.
※The signatures are printed.

■Bigeast Limited「IC card sticker (with signature)」(All 4 are random)
※The product and benefits are of limited quantities, so will be sold as long as stock lasts.

【Bigeast Official Shope】
On sale 2018/02/23 (Fri) 19:00~

【mu-mo Shop】

【mu-mo Shop Overseas】
※It will be displayed on the website once the sale starts.




【Size】Pages: W 300 mm × H 160 mm, Base: W 300 mm × D 80 mm × H 170 mm
【Material】 Calendar part: paper, ring part: nylon
【Country of Origin】 Japan

◎IC card sticker
【Size】W86 mm × H 54 mm
【Material】 synthetic paper
【Country of Origin】 Japan





Official Bigeast Fanclub Website,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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