[Trans] 141121 “Mimi”-related aspect of SM’s Quarterly Report – Changmin

[trans] “Mimi”-related aspect of SM’s Quarterly Report – Changmin

“In addition, drama “Mimi” was produced and was broadcast from February to March 2014 at Mnet. “Miss Korea”, “The Prime Minister and I” and “Mimi” saw actors belonging to the SM Entertainment group appearing in them, elevating the synergy effect. In particular, as soon as the drama teaser Continue reading

[Trans] 140928 ORISTA (Only Star) Interview – Changmin Talks about his First Kiss Scene


[TRANS- ORISTA Interview] Changmin talks about his first kiss scene.



The drama in which Changmin starred on, “Mimi” was recently released as a DVD. We interviewed Changmin regarding his recent first love drama, in which he played 2 characters. We were able to ask him about his opinions on wearing a high school uniform since 10 years ago, as well as his first kiss scene. Continue reading