[Trans] 151125 Only Star’s “Quote of the Day” from Changmin’s Drama Interview for the Magazine


Japanese magazine “Only Star” blog:


Quote of the Day


from Changmin’s Scholar Who Walks the Night Interview for the magazine  ( 11/30 Issue 2015), when he was asked whether he will be more nervous as an actor or as a singer:

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[Trans] 151120 Preview of Changmin’s Interview for Japanese Magazine “Only Star” – 11/30 Issue 2015


Changmin challenged his first period drama in SWWTN. Following after TOHOSHINKI Yunho, the Changmin who is waiting to be enlisted. He who promised to make a leap in his career as a singer and as an actor, his present thoughts are captured!


— What attracted you to (participate in) SWWTN?
C: Before I enlist, when I was considering the kind of works that would be available for me to choose, I heard that the synopsis of SWWTN has really good review, and that I may play the character Lee Yoon, I was Continue reading

[Trans] 150805 JP Magazine “Weekly Only★Star” – 10/08 Issue 2015: Today’s Quote from Changmin



Weekly Only★Star Magazine (10/8 issue)



Today’s Quote from Changmin (TOHOSHINKI):

Definitely want to stand on this stage again as the duo of TOHOSHINKI

The recent SMT LIVE in Japan are reported in this issue. He said the above quote when he performed alone in SMT after Yunho has enlisted into the Army.






Japanese Magazine “Weekly Only★Star” Blog via @Shim_Ls2v2,
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[Trans] 140928 ORISTA (Only Star) Interview – Changmin Talks about his First Kiss Scene


[TRANS- ORISTA Interview] Changmin talks about his first kiss scene.



The drama in which Changmin starred on, “Mimi” was recently released as a DVD. We interviewed Changmin regarding his recent first love drama, in which he played 2 characters. We were able to ask him about his opinions on wearing a high school uniform since 10 years ago, as well as his first kiss scene. Continue reading