[PIC] 151212 Preview of Yunho for Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7 (Release on 151224)



Magazine will be out on December 24, and you can get it only from Jenny House online shop for 15,000 won. Overseas shipping scheduled to open soon~




Jenny House Instagram (jennyhousepr) and shop (jennyhousemall) via @snxy,
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INFO] 151127 Yunho to be Featured in Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7 for a Hairstyle Pictorial (Release on December)

Yunho to be featured in Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7 for a hairstyle pictorial. Magazine will be released in this December and available through their website  ( www.jennyhousemall.com ).

This feature could be the same special collaboration Jenny Continue reading