[Eng Sub-KBSWorld] 171012 (Full) Happy Together – Return of the Legend Special (KBST-2TV on 171005)

KBS World, the TV Official English Channel of KBS has uploaded the full TVXQ “Happy Together” episode in English which was broadcast on the channel on 10/12 (originally broadcast on KBST-2TV on 171005):

As well as subbed video previews~

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[Eng Sub-KBSWorld] 170424 This Week’s Hot Click : TVXQ’s U-Know,…. [Entertainment Weekly]

KBS World, the TV Official English Channel of KBS has posted the the entertainment weekly segment on Yunho’s discharge (170422: here) in English:

This Week’s Hot Click : TVXQ’s U-Know, Eric, Na Hyemi [Entertainment Weekly]

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[Instagram] 160406 Old Photo of Changmin from 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards


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[VID/Trans] 150409 TVXQ!’s the Reason Behind EXO’s Xiumin’s becoming an Idol~


In the 150409  episode of  KBS’s MV Bank STARDUST, EXO’s Xiumin talked about TVXQ



Cut is on 2:15~ 3:18


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Q to XIUMIN “DBSK’s reputed fan Xiumin, the reason u like DBSK is..?”
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[Fanacc/PIC/Fancam] 150409 Changmin’s Arriving at KBS’s Building for “Fluttering India” Live Talkshow

Changmin wasn’t present at the press conference for “Fluttering India”. He, however, was the MC for the live Talkshow of “Fluttering India” at KBS

here are some fanpics, fancams and fanaccounts on his entering the KBS building for the broadcast.



Inside KBS building


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[INFO] 150102 TVXQ’s Localisation Strategy in Japan Discussed on Korean TV News (KBS)

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Translated by @snxy:

  • TVXQ’s localisation strategy in JP discussed on the 9pm news in KR RT @tvxqisgod: 동방신기 9시뉴스 현지화전략 설명으로 나옴!!
  • TVXQ’s growth in Japan – captions-> 100s of seats -> 5,000 seats → 10,000 seats → 50,000 seats

Video Clip Can be watched here


Translated by @mug_ping:

  •  On how the Korean wave can use the current stagnation in Japan as a platform to undergo a thorough fundamental reform to adopt and incorporate localized Japanese elements and use it as a renewed leap for the Korean wave in Japan
    KBS News: “True enough, TVXQ gathered as much as approx 140,000 spectators at 2 concerts.” [cr: KBS]



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